Quick Note/ Simple Cheerleading

Quick Note/ Simple Cheerleading

Hello All,
I have to postpone tomorrow nights (Wednesday the 21st) Gallery Reading. I plan to reschedule this for Wednesday April 4th at 6:00 P.M.

Please go to the Events page for more info on this.

Happy Spring to you all! Today we celebrate the arrival of spring with the Equinox and by all means it feels like it or even summer at that! This is such a magical time of year to our own cycles and rhythms but none the less the world may seem still in chaos even though we want to do nothing but turn our faces to the sun and plant a flower or two. Its funny how the Universe and mother earth get us outside of our homes and confines just in time every year. Just when we thought all hope was lost, voila! The sun and warm air, bird and bees and symphony of Love and renewal every where we look. Its like a funny joke on our worrying over analyzing minds..Its says “See? Everything gets renewal and a fresh look eventually, even the fabric of our lives”. I watched a robin in my yard today in a frenzy turning over leaves to find a juicy worm. He was quite bold about the whole experience. Thats the gusto that springtime bring us..”You show that worm who’s boss!” I felt nothing but abundance for him and for us. Its all how you look at it all. The frantic winds of anger and chaos in us and the frantic and frenzied prayers that sat upon sills with the winter winds all have a purpose and a reason. And then in a burst of joyful abandon, spring arrives in our outlook and suddenly we can see a new perspective in our lives or our situations. A helpful hand, a look of wonder and the gusto of the robin ripping up the dead leaves of ourselves to expose all the natural life just waiting there to be seen. If you have an area of life that needs that renewal or that hope let the air  be your guide, and the stars be your compass. With a new moon on Thursday of this week take the opportunity to make a check list of the wishes and dreams that you wish you could accomplish this month or the next several months for what you wish to have or  receive. Everything you think you are, or can be, can comes to you, negative or positive so make that list a good one.  This is just a quick reminder how just when you think no one sees the light or the beauty in you….first someone reminds you and then,with that renewal….you see it too.


And know that that robin got more than one juicy bug as I watched him. He got more than I could count. Whats holding you back from turning over that leaf?

Sending much Love and Blessings for a world free of suffering for all beings,