Love and Longing

Love and Longing

Good Monday morning!

So another weekend has passed and another week begins as I was meditating on my sessions of the past week and beginning my new ones this week. Although I never remember details from person to person, as the type of sessions I do just are what I call “deeper delivered messages. I am a telephone for your Higher Self “I do recall the themes that come up weekly or monthly or the like. I recall helping someone with huge pain and longing from a breakup. This person wanted to know only one thing. Will they come back? Not will I understand, or will I learn from this.

Love, romantic love, is a huge mirror to our longing for not only just that person and the memories but really for our Selves. Our Truth and our own flow of love or the lack of it. That is why we often only manifest a relationship that brings us back what our most inner fears or joys are, wether we know it or not. Until we learn the real reason why we call to us a relationship or experience we often manifest that experience over and over until we break free of the subconscious (and conscious) reasons we need that relationship in our lives. It is no accident that a dose of understanding what our purpose is and our passions are and doing that first will often bring us to more joyful and balanced partnership. Until a person goes deeper into what they need other than that relationship, they will feel addicted to the love and the person. If that person is the right person for them in partnership, in time they can return to you, if not, you must move on.

Addictive love is not a love that will last through the Spiritual urge to really Love with steady assuredness throughout life’s tests. I always say, Love will heal that which is not love. So understanding real, Spiritually mature clear Love is a thing that one would want to manifest. Remember all Love relationships are a search to find our inner Truth, which is really just the Creator Light which is always in us and never ever leaves us, birth to passing. And is always LOVE.


“We are homesick most for the places we have never known.”  ― Carson McCullers


Sending out Monday love with blessings – xoxo