Imagine…thoughts on the times

Imagine…thoughts on the times

Hello Friends,

This post is an extra to my blog that I felt guided to write and send out to you. I, like anyone else, was shaken to the core with the events not only of Friday, November 13th in Paris but also of the energies surrounding it. As well as empathetic aching for Mexico, Japan, Beirut and all the areas that suffered a huge exodus of human souls on that day. How we handle such sorrow and tremblings and the times that follow are of what the Angelic realms wish to relay to you.

For as long as I can remember I was fascinated with angels. More specifically, wings and light. Even as a child I drew wings all the time, and pictures of rays of light. As my soul and body grew I began what came to be a deep and inner conversation with that Light and those beings of Light. They are around us and help us in ways that many of us are blind to as we move through life listening mostly to what the world tells us to be and do and believe in. This is the energy that can help us without us being ” woo woo” or religious. I explain it as the knowledge base beyond human language, in any country or religion. It’s there and it is whole and balanced at all times. It holds no judgment, only to listen to you and your thoughts and it follows those thoughts and weaves your world according to those thoughts. The Guides assist in teaching us moments of free will and Divine will and the true difference in those. This is taught by life and its stage that we view and consequence and actions.  This is what we know. The events of last week are a reflection of the polarization of our every thought. With us thinking of ourselves as separate, we only think of ourselves, and not how all of us are tied to a thread so beautiful and so real and so everlasting, that we have no idea that it is there. We forget yet we long for it. Some use the struggle to find it in a manner of the will of human, rather that Universal truth. That is where the fear sneaks in.

It is important to remember that your thoughts still send out vibrations to the world, like WiFi of the collective mind. This is why Spirit asks us to see this as a way to change from the inside out within ourselves and not as “them against us”. That is what perpetuates war mind and revenge mind and that is and never has been the solution. Presence of Love in as many of us that can hold up the flame of the truth of what we REALLY  are here for- LOVE- and helping our fellow human/plant/animal. We must understand that Yoda was right when he said “Fear is a path to the dark side”. Love and the arms of Spirit that can give you CHOICE to move forward with faith and hope of some things more powerful, more intense and more truthful than the catacombs of fear.

We will need to grieve our loss. We are a family. We are a mass of cells and our planet needs to cry in unison for the pain is too strong to bury. A sorrow expressed has less of a chance of festering into hate and anger.

Be not afraid and do not let the flow of information coming at you tell you what the inner Light of your questioning Soul knows. BE the Peace- speak it to others; show them what you believe; breathe in what you WISH this world to be; assist your fellow beings. We are here to serve and to love. To create and break bread and build and unite and dance with communion.  Awaken to our connection to each other and our ability to be Free, because we are Free and should always feel so. Gather up our stardust and create the beams of light that we are and shine so bright we can light up the darkness in times of stress or worry.

We feel this pain because we are meant to LOVE and any other thing feels it is opposition. Lead, do not follow. Lead with love. We feel this pain for you ARE those in Paris. In Kenya. In Beirut. In the whole world. “This world is but a stage and all the men are merely players” – (Shakespeare) and we are in a position to rewrite it with angelic realms wetting our pens and keeping us editing our thoughts and feelings to a more Divine perspective. Healing will begin with us uniting and having good ideas and singing in prayer and holding hands. Not being naive but going to that inner voice and trusting that. We know what to do to make it healthier than this image we have now. Learn how to meditate on images and words. Its helpful to relieve worry and stress. Meditate on Peace. On wisdom. On Healing.

Most of all…………….LIVE. This is the life we have and make it one that is worth it and see your world as GOOD and LOVING, and that will be what you see more than not. “Peace cannot be kept by force; it can only be achieved by understanding.”
― Albert Einstein

I love you my beloveds,


“I have decided to stick to love…Hate is too great a burden to bear.”
― Martin Luther King Jr.