December News; Now and Future

December News; Now and Future

Hello friends,

The end of 2016 and not a moment too soon for so many people. What a trans-formative and trying year for many. A giant growth spurt. We are here none the less, feeling our feelings, working on our inner and outer lives in ways we never thought were possible or we were capable of. Yet we are capable of it and of the power we have in healing all this polarization and dissolution we see laying here in our wake. Right now there is so much planetary energy healing our ways that we relate. To ourselves and others and how we distinguish what is old and no longer holding value and what we can do to complexly transform ourselves to become the finer and truer Higher version of ourselves and our relationships and connections. To become not merely OK but Great. That is why the nation is where it is. This has to be done. The healing HAS to take place. We MUST do the work. And we must be willing. Open. Vulnerable. Cracked wide open. WIDE open. Don’t be afraid of what can come of this time as you will see that you have wanted and needed your Higher self to gently purge the outworn you and give birth to this new you for a long time. We as human beings can not exist in a frame of hate or hurt. Nothing good comes from being in that state so once you see that you need to transform, dive full head in and swim around naked in the Light of your Higher self reminding you of the old crap and how it never did serve you or those you love. Love doesn’t work like that. Love IS. Love is not without or withholding. It surges up from the well spring of eternal Source right when we need it. It shows the way, grab it when you find it and ask it what you need it to do to HEAL what is wrong. With you. With your relationships. Your relationship to everything.

This is what the world needs on the edge of this new year. It needs to see that when its all cracked open wide and all the mess and hurts have spilled out on the floor of our world, what you can do is get a mop and get to work. Get to work with others and ask how you can help and ask for help and reach for help. This is a big transformation we are in and it hurts like hell for many. You are being asked to completely alter who you really are. Have you felt like that recently? It’s ok. You are not alone and you should not be afraid. Spirit is with you guiding your moves and reaching out to steer you right when you get off course. Pray and ask for guidance.

My world is transformation and I am following the river of it. I am doing this work in the readings and teachings yet I am also a full time painter as well. Gone back to my painting from years ago left in the dust of my mothering years. I am grateful for my husband ever reminding me how talented I am and urging me to paint again. Sometimes it takes someone else to get us to see. We are only mirrors and always as One, us human beings. So I do this and paint and am mighty busy. In January I will be raising my rates for all my sessions. I will post on my art so those of you who are interested in seeing it or purchasing it you will know where to go. I am a multitude of gifts and I am humble and grateful for my very being. Be~ing. This note is to inform you of those shifts.

I am in the office still, and my schedule is tight. Make sure to reach out if you are looking for time with me and be persistent. That’s the only way to get or through any thing, right ?:) If you want holiday gift certificates as gifts you can purchase 1 Hour Gift Certificates and 1/2 Hour Gift Certificates for sessions here. Remember though that the ability to get in with those certificates works only according to my schedule in the New Year of 2017. Going to be a big year.


I hope you are gentle to yourself and others during the upcoming Mercury retrograde and other shifts and the holidays. Remember you are the one that can create the peace you crave. Go to the house of your soul and meditate on that. You are the Light. You are the answer. You are the Grace you seek.

Joyful holidays to you all and may Peace prevail on this earth our mother.