June Newsletter; What Time Is It, Love?

June Newsletter; What Time Is It, Love?

Hello my sweet friends,

Its June! Welcome to the month that brings us (here in the northern hemisphere) to our summertime. Not a moment too soon, I say. Here we are in a time of radical shifts on this planet and in our world. Do you feel it is bad? I do not. For I trust in the flow of what reality I am creating. I would advise you to see it that way as well. Spirit shows us that if we want a world of hate and oppression we will focus solely on that and not what we see as right and good. That is why when you focus on only negative you begin to see only negative and when you see that good is out there and love is there and joy and creative solutions, that is what you see. Things are being brought up from the bowels of consciousness for a reason. One doesn’t exist in a bubble either way. You have to feel to heal and we have to feel our way out of the constraints of being a this or that world. My way or the highway type of relating or relationships or being told to be vulnerable and open to processing. That is why when you see anyone or anything that is restricting new ways of communication or understanding it does not feel “right”. Time and space or what we believe it to be will challenge us to let go of outworn ways of being to birth a wonderful new way of relating and loving and manifesting our lives, but you can’t always bet on it not shaking up your world. What is time anyway but a linear story that has us for a moment keeping our feet on the ground. But Truth is that we are more than this body or this time. We are the creators of this place and we have a job to do to make it better. If it sucks, there is a reason. You are being asked to forgive your past and the stories behind it and create from the here and now. There is no other place to be. What is here for you? What is it missing? What is it asking of you? How can you improve it? Where is your connection to something greater than your own self? Where is the Spirit that flows through your body and animates your meat suit? What is THAT voice asking of you? How will you let that inner guidance love you and guide you to right action and deed? This is becoming the only way you will know to be here. It will not fail you and it will help you help yourself and others fix the cruddy waters you may be swimming through.

I was talking to my bestie the other day about gratitude. We were chatting about the truth of what love and gratitude are. I felt it in my very bones. It almost was radiating from me like ecstasy. You can find this in moments but it is a force that only comes with that simple act of really understanding what comes from letting go of the shit voices of blame and unforgiveness. This does not condone bad behavior or lies or things that harm, it helps you free up the love river that lies waiting in your soul; to free you to the magic of true gratitude. Within that lies the key to manifesting what you love and desire and also the healing of pain in relationships and self improvement. Making your life more enjoyable and your talents come out. Making you understand that life is not about what you don’t have but what you DO. What you ARE. What you can GIVE.

The reason I can do readings like I do is because I see this LOVE. I feel this JOY. I see beyond the limit of our human eye. But it does not make me odd, it makes me TRUTH. Take your blinders off and see how magical your life can be. Be not afraid as your soul knows what to do to heal and grow. Reach out and ask for help. Reach out and love those who are true and love you. Let go of the rules for a moment and see how you feel. Do the right thing… it may be better than the right thing you think you are doing. Think about that.

And I’ll say it again. YOU MUST BE VULNERABLE RIGHT NOW. IT IS THE ONLY WAY TO LET YOUR LIFE HEAL AND BE ON POINT WITH YOUR GROWTH.  Your heart needs to be opened. Male or Female. Ageless and timeless… no matter what, this is the avenue to glory and grace and peace.

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Ok remember this:

Happiness cannot be traveled to, owned, earned, worn or consumed. Happiness is the spiritual experience of living every minute with love, grace, and gratitude. –  Denis Waitley

I love you all and I am utterly truly grateful!