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A Walk In The Snow

Hello All, This is a little video about some issues that  seem to be around. I put some thoughts into a new format for you to just walk along with me and listen, and reflect upon. I hope you enjoy this. And I hope this note finds you well and being hopeful for all good things… Continue Reading

A Vibrant Light available as ebook!

A Vibrant Light available as ebook!

Hello Everyone, I have a few small announcemnts that wrap up the energy of the last new moon (as with all new moons, they bring in inspiration to do, be and re-do things) about a few changes to add to my website. As you can see by visiting the website there is a new design in place… Continue Reading

Happy new Moon in Sagittarius

Hello All, This is just a quick note to let you know how full of gratitude I am for you and for Life. Today as I share some time with my sons and my husband, I send great thanks for you seeking me out and finding a way to keep your hearts and minds open.… Continue Reading

Mind, moo-la, madness

“Great souls are they who see that spiritual is stronger than material force, that thoughts rule the world.” – Emerson I have been guided to sit at the computer today and write a small note to you all about money and the economy due to a nudge from Spirit. The common mass of thoughts that… Continue Reading

Late July ..heart/heat wave

Hi All, Just a mini post to give you some love while the mercury on our thermometers soars close to the triple digits. Many folks find this hard to deal with. Obviously its not good to get overheated or stay out in the air too long, but there is the knowing that the same as… Continue Reading