Frequently Asked Questions

I have taken into account all the commonly asked questions from clients to give you a clear idea of what to expect in your reading with me, from the little things to the larger issues.


    • How do a schedule a reading?
      You email Sarah with the information that you wish to have a session with here via the contact page.


    • How long does it take to get in with her?
      That varies from a week or so to 3 months depending on her schedule. It varies so just try and see what works.


    • I haven’t heard back from her, why?
      If you have not heard back from Sarah it could be the schedule or many times we find that in haste someone mistypes their return address, so be careful to edit your email carefully so it does not bounce back, or get lost in the internet ethers.


    • Can I record the session? 
      Sarah does not record and will only let you do so as the information is not Sarah’s it is yours for you only. YES you many record your own session. She will not remember details of what she has said to you and it is up to you to do so. The information is to be used as information only and is not of or from Sarah and therefore does not relate to her in anyway. You are responsible for the information and she is not.


    • Does Sarah predict things? 
      Sarah’s readings are accurate and healing, from your Higher self and the Highest intent for the clearest helpful advice for your pathway . Due to Freewill and Divine will , we often will hear both potential information, possible information and then also factual information in any reading and it is up to the client to decipher how to move forward after a session with Sarah. She channels in a way that is healing, predictive and eye opening , however it is not for her to tell you things you ” wish” to hear but things you ” need ” to hear and that is not up to her but up to the Light of the Highest Guidance that is working with her for any particulate person, event, or group.


    • Can I bring a friend? 
      Please refer to the scheduling a reading page as there is different prices for each type of reading , you can NOT however bring a friend without telling her in advance and paying the difference.


    • Is there a cancellation policy? 
      Yes, 24 hour notice is expected in all circumstances except illness and no shows will be charged $100.00.


    • Does Sarah follow a specific path personally spiritually?
      No Sarah is of the belief that all is One and that we live in a grid of Oneness with all persons in all pathways and that our lessons are of Love and forgiveness, non judgement and understanding and it is with that knowing that Spirit has shown her since childhood that she can clearly look at many individuals from all walks of life.


    • Does Sarah Travel for readings?
      No, the only traveling she does for readings is in event or group form and for teaching, seminars and in the event that she travels for such things, she may schedule some readings at the location of the event, schedule permitting. Please look to event page for information on this or on Facebook or Twitter.


    • Is Sarah a medium? 
      Sarah is a Psychic clairvoyant, clairaudient, clairsentient, claircognizant channel and medium. She has the ability to see in many different directions of time and space and will in a reading channel loved ones who have passed and also angels and Higher Spirit guides or Guardians and also the energy of the Oneness that connects us all so as to open up the concept of the person receiving the reading. She uses love and much humor to make it all feel comfortable. Sometimes if a person is not ready to communicate with a loved one they may not come through but this is up to Spirit and not Sarah, most often though a connection is made (see disclaimer note here)

How to prepare for a reading.

    • When coming in it is good to be aware of being open to whatever Spirit wants to relay to you, through me.


    • Should I bring questions?
      Sarah advises writing down some questions or ideas prior to your reading, setting the intention to get the help you need or get in touch with loved ones from the other side. That being said, it is wise to not have your expectations so high that you block the energy with nervousness, Sarah lets the energy go where it needs to to help you on your path to your Highest expression of joy, love and healing.


    • Does Sarah offer group readings?
      Yes, Sarah reads groups at her office, larger groups may need venues, including readings for businesses and corporations. Prices, times and my schedule are subject to change.


    • Is there a waiting room for in person readings?
      Yes there is a waiting room in the office and restrooms in the building . Please note that the office is a quiet office that is shared with a doctor and refrain from loud talking and also do not wear fragrance or strong lotions at the office/


    • How soon can I come back in?
      Yes, you may come back soon, only if it is advised. Sarah usually asks people to wait a full moon cycle (4 weeks) to integrate the information. If someone comes in a lot for guidance and Spirit says they must move on and act upon the guidance, Sarah will suggest they do so. Usually clients do the work, though, get the messages and then just joyfully come in periodically for messages and Spiritual “tune – ups”! Sarah has many, many frequent clients.


    • Where is Sarah located for in person readings?
      At 222 Saint John street in Portland, Maine USA


    • Are phone reading the same as in person readings?
      Yes, phone readings are the same as an in person session. Sarah doesn’t need to see you to SEE you but many people travel to her to have the experience of an in person meeting. Sarah has clients all over the world, and for overseas or long distance clients Skype sessions are available.


Email Readings

There are a few guidelines and details Sarah asks you to honor BEFORE and if you do wish to purchase an emailed reading.

  • Sarah can only answer up to 2 questions that you ask, and even with that if Sarah is guided to answer you in a more abstract construct that is better in person she will inform you that it can not be answered in this fashion.
  • You can not email Sarah again asking her for further explaining once you have received the reading.
  • If you need more questions answered you schedule a phone or in person reading to further learn and investigate the question you have.
  • You are open to the answer and the work it may take to understand.
  • You purchase the email option via Paypal to book and hold your spot in my schedule.
  • You understand fully that all Sarah’s readings are on a first come, first serve basis and Sarah holds the right to move my schedule as it pertains to her work/life.
  • Sarah holds the right to inform you of changes or if she can not do the email reading due to schedule changes.
  • You ask first to see when Sarah can fit it into her schedule before you purchase or assume her schedule is open to do so.
  • You have read and understood the nature of this type of reading is to help you on a quicker type of basis and hopefully will work within the constructs of my work
  • You understand and read all of the above guidelines here and that you lovingly respect that.