Late Summer News; Heaps of Healing

Late Summer News; Heaps of Healing

Hello Friends,

Only a few weeks left till September comes. It has been a big summer with much to learn, has it not? We have come to see much in the way of the shadow of mankind that wishes to display itself to us to let us know that we need to integrate and heal that which opposes us or keeps us from thriving. Judging it or others or your past or your community will continually keep one in the struggle of constant upheaval. A fight is a fight no matter what it looks like.  Spirit teaches us that our own corner of the world will be how we will see the outer world and if you keep dividing yourself in complaint, or strife, you will be met with the same energy. Again and again. We are healing much garbage. We are composting old ways of thought. We are being asked where our spiritual beliefs are and how we can open our inner eye of the heart. So many planets are retrograde right now that every bit of life is being asked how it can be reborn and renewed and rebuilt.

I would guess that areas of your life are asking to be rebuilt. That you are striving to understand, that you are needing deeply to be healed. You are doing it. You must trust that. A great big wave of courageousness is shifting how we do things and if you are staying stuck too much in the past then you are not hearing correctly. If it is being reworked, it will be helpful for your future. If you are letting things get under your skin then notice why it is and really pray to be healed of the original pain body that is the true cause of your discomfort. Why, really, are you bothered by it?

What lesson is in there?

The only real healing is the non-judgment of the other so you can heal that which inside of you. Give it a try and see how your world may become more kind and peaceful in all ways. I have recently been healing much in my own life as well. To be quite frank I don’t even feel like the same version of myself that I was a few mere months ago. I know myself more than I ever have. I have worked so deeply to become an even better version of myself, both literally and spiritually. To be more assured yet softer and more radiant in the being that I am.  To be more understanding, and in that comes new avenues to produce better work, more conscious loving relationship and more truth and honesty in all my deeds and words. We can only heal ourselves and offer our Grace and love and companionship to others with an open mind and heart. I know this to be true. As the confusion gets stronger in the world, you will be called to know yourself more. To do that helpful healing. I was driving a while ago and I had asked Spirit how to speak to my clients about how to navigate the coming energy and just as I asked that a car passed me with the license plate that read “Bee Love”. There is no naivety in that, for Love is the most powerful force out there. Why do you think we all want it? For Love is the pulse of your breath truly that is animating the soul that rides for a while in the physical body that you have.

In Love is understanding. In understanding there is wisdom and in wisdom comes Truth. Now begins that time on our way to the “age of Aquarius”.  Pay good close attention. Let go of outworn models of behavior.  It will be worth it. Trust.

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So we look to the future with and open heart and refreshed eye and we are Grateful to help you in the journey.

The storms will pass……..

All my love,



“Zen is magic. It gives you the key to open the miraculous. And the miraculous is in you and the key is also in you.”
― Osho

“We can never obtain peace in the outer world until we make peace with ourselves.”
― Dalai Lama XIV