October News; Rise, Rise with the Sun

October News; Rise, Rise with the Sun

Hello Friends,

It is now past the equinox and with all the hugely intense storms we have experienced we have been battered down, some of you must be feeling really just, exhausted. Like swimming up stream for a long, long time. This is the energetic effect of all the planetary shifts that have been reaching down into the plumb depths of us asking us to heal. Yet many do not know which way to turn to find that Heart center. Many of you have had tragedy and loss. Grief and pain. We are in the waves of working on letting go of the shadow of ourselves that do not serve us or the ones we love so dearly. Right now we have Pluto going direct and Jupiter moving out of Libra into truth-y, potent Scorpio. The times are about truth and integrity and being able to be that for oneself and others around you. You have had to upgrade to make it to this area and the last of the scars will be shown and given light. I ask you to ask God to heal and balm that which has had you in your own sarcophagus. Mummified in the dead weight of old wound and worlds that are asking to be rebuilt and re-centered in LOVE and balance.  All this work has to be for a reason, yes? I know that the Universe can seem a cruel place for those who are suffering, but are we not to learn to come to the Light through such times? To see and feel what our true heart is? To strive for some reason in the healing light of Love. You might be one of the ones throwing middle fingers in the air. Remember that you are just rejecting the Love, the Abundant flow of creation and joy has for you when you do so. Let it come in. Let it wash you back to faith, when you are ready to see it. When Light comes to you in dream and memory, in conscious waking hours. Responsive and responsible truth in Love will show you the way. Compassion, forgiveness, kindness, empathy and reverence. These are the flint for your fire that has been tended by something other than the Highest Self. Relight it. With Spirit’s help.

I have seen many who were suffering last year at the near end of the battle of the inner demon. It has been good to witness this in the  office. I am pleased to see this and honored to guide to Bliss. The veil is thin right now. Can you feel that? Many of my loved ones that have passed are chatting with me lately. I was watching a movie and the character in the movie, said a line that directly spoke to me of my mother speaking to me. So much so that time kind of stopped and all I saw was that one person, without the TV around her and the line pointed directly at me. The next day while I was pondering that line and that moment I was driving and the license plate  that pulled in front of me said ” love, Mom.”  Ha, I know many of you have experienced like that- especially when your ego is NOT involved and you are in no way creating it but are communicating with those who have crossed or your guides. I keep telling my clients to stop doubting or clouding the vibration and clarity of your Higher Guides making shifts in your consciousness for you. They are trying to awaken you to a more loving, clearer, more happy version of you. So when you are that you can go into the world and do good. Which then spreads more joy and goodness out to others. We heal as one for we are only as One. We are One. Until you understand that you will test yourself again and again. We can be happy and have our dreams come true but we must remember our union with the all vast multiverse of Consciousness that is too big for words. Your body here is part but only a part of the Whole. Strive to understand that by letting go of the “old” you. I say to my clients < that is why I can see and hear other dimensions and information. For it is an information highway of knowledge that should not get clogged with the chaos of internet projections, surface polarity, and false fear mongering. We come from something greater and every single one of us will leave our body and go back to that thing that is greater. Be a version of that while you are living on our big blue mother planet. Love her. Love you. Love those who love you. Love that Creator. Let it give to you.

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As the holidays approach I am and will be busy. Begin to line up events with me and I will be teaching my classes soon! I will send out news of that asap. I also want to put a shameless plug for my art here. You can follow my art journey or inquire on sales click on my website here SarahMeisle.com. I paint under my birth name and have multiple ways of viewing and purchasing my abstract paintings. Art and my clairvoyance go hand in had and always have. Energy as creative form.


Remember that I love you and I love this humanity. You must love it for it to grow and shift. I am with you all the way and so is That Which Loves you without condition.


Sarah   xox


“What we call our destiny is truly our character and that character can be altered. The knowledge that we are responsible for our actions and attitudes does not need to be discouraging, because it also means that we are free to change this destiny. One is not in bondage to the past, which has shaped our feelings, to race, inheritance, background. All this can be altered if we have the courage to examine how it formed us. We can alter the chemistry provided we have the courage to dissect the elements.”
― Anaïs Nin

“WE ALREADY HAVE everything we need. There is no need for self-improvement. All these trips that we lay on ourselves—the heavy-duty fearing that we’re bad and hoping that we’re good, the identities that we so dearly cling to, the rage, the jealousy and the addictions of all kinds—never touch our basic wealth. They are like clouds that temporarily block the sun. But all the time our warmth and brilliance are right here. This is who we really are. We are one blink of an eye away from being fully awake.”
― Pema Chödrön

“I like to listen. I have learned a great deal from listening carefully. Most people never listen.”
― Ernest Hemingway