December News; Holiday Gifts and Spiritual Flow

December News; Holiday Gifts and Spiritual Flow

Hello Friends,

It’s that time of year when the world is either alight in the joy of  the season or in the whirlwind of chaos and grief for this time of year can really bring up the sorrows that we may have been avoiding the whole year prior. There is such a feeling of consumerism and busy-ness that we often forget to look within and surround ourselves with the peace that we sing those carols about. It is easy to get swept up like debris from the collective stress and loss of our unmet expectations that we lose sight. Its best to try new practices and habits and exchanges with our loved ones so that we can become to a wholesome new exchange here on the planet. It has been a very very tough year for many of us with losses and sorrows unmatched in this lifetime. Some felt it this year, some will feel it next. But make certain that our pain bodies are releasing the toxic store house of our internal souls waste land and somehow or other your guidance will lead you to the Light of your Truth as we progress into more enlightenment and Spiritual nourishment. December brings us Mercury retrograde (the 3rd -the 23rd) and on the 20th, Saturn moves from its three year tour in Sagittarius to its own sign of Capricorn. If you are a Sagittarius like me (the 16th) you have not only felt Saturn’s complete re-haul of your life and your work but you are humbled and possibly permanently altered by the last several years lessons and growths. Never the same.

I am sure many of you feel that energy of what is being changed and altered as we become much more WOKE than our past allowed us. There are many clients that I have, who have had psychic experiences that they have never had before and insights or possibly bold fears come up as they become more questioning of the nature of reality on earth as it is brought to our attention what we have done wrong to our earth and fellow humans and all inhabitants here. We are seeing that essence of the fallen angel paradigm. Yet we are guided to know that this is for the betterment of ourselves and to progress in areas of empathy as well as science and technology. But be careful of the wolf you feed as trickery of the lower self will fool you into taking wrong turns if you do not see the whole picture like a bird soaring above the hustle of human attachment to a projection of what we THINK will make us whole.

Spirit will do anything to remind you that you are whole as is and IS is the connection  to all of consciousnesses. Phew! Think that thought all day long and see how your reality shifts. You are not alone and your thoughts are projections and prayers so work that mind in a peaceful and loving way.

Im excited for new methods and classes in the coming year with you all, new clients and old clients around the globe. Big stuff coming. I adore my work and my calling. I adore you all. I adore the flow of Spirit that animates my body and radiates truth in all my doings. That repairs me and guides me and shows me the way. It is a year for others to seek that and find methods that bring us all into that inner map that shows us the way of the Universe. Its already there. The chaos is what unveils the veils that cloak our frequency.

It’s the season of Light within the dark and I, being born before the solstice in the northeast, know that to bring light in the dark you must find a match. That match this month is that I will off you all a discount rate for GIFT CERTIFICATES from now till Friday the 1st at midnight! But only for this week and it ends then so if you were looking for a gift certificate for loved ones or friends (oh boy it makes a unique and timeless gift!) get it now and share this notice with others. Scheduling readings still apply to my hours and availability, there may be a wait at times to get in. If you give as a gift please contact me and let me know and I can email you a printable Gift Certificate or send a paper one regular mail. I will put your Paypal receipt on file.

Use couponcode2017one for one hour is $200.00 (a $50.00 discount) can be purchased here.

Use couponcode2017half for half hour is $125.00 (a $50.00 discount) can be purchased here.

Questions? Just email me here.

Sale lasts until midnight on DEC 1. Don’t hesitate!

I will send out a notice later in the month with other news but for now I trust that you will seek to be a good friend the the brother and sisterhood of our beautiful Eden of a planet.

What a blessing life is, this beautiful, sacred, precious life.

I for one kneel in gratitude every day for it and for you.

Onward,  I love you.


One is loved because one is loved. No reason is needed for loving.”
― Paulo Coelho

“Jesus Christ knew he was God. So wake up and find out eventually who you really are. In our culture, of course, they’ll say you’re crazy and you’re blasphemous, and they’ll either put you in jail or in a nut house (which is pretty much the same thing). However if you wake up in India and tell your friends and relations, ‘My goodness, I’ve just discovered that I’m God,’ they’ll laugh and say, ‘Oh, congratulations, at last you found out.”
― Alan W. Watts

“A kind of light spread out from her. And everything changed color. And the world opened out. And a day was good to awaken to. And there were no limits to anything. And the people of the world were good and handsome. And I was not afraid any more.”
― John Steinbeck, East of Eden