January 2018; New Year, Events, Eclipses

January 2018; New Year, Events, Eclipses

Hello Clients new and old!

Welcome to my first newsletter of the new year. Do read to the last part as there will be links to sign up for my January events and class.

2018 will feel different for many of us but some of those same issues that we saw in the world or in our lives may represent to look at so that you become more responsible in bringing about change and service to your world or your life. To improve what feels dark and lacking of compassion or empathy. To others, to yourself or your dreams. We opened with a full super moon yesterday and have a new moon on the 17th followed by a full moon ECLIPSE on the 31st so the year is starting off with a bang for sure. Today the 2nd the planet Uranus booms forward after being retrograde since August. Lots of upheaval and unpleasant surprises happening for you? Watch them arrive one by one or in one big boom . The reason why this is all happening is to help and assist us in fine tuning our abilities to improve our life by making conscious changes to the things that do not serve us either by someone else or our own doing. Nature does not live in a vacuum and storms happen to help us make a choice to become a more awakened version of ourselves. And what you resist to learn will persist and you will have to shift with the tides. There are ways of improving your connection to your True core Being this year and your True right Life path, and this is the time to find a way. You must trust that you will have to try new ways of doing things and find a deeper connection to your higher self, or power so to speak. This is what we are all guided to do.

Do not focus on the hate and dark for too long or you will get pulled by the rivers that it likes to consume you with. The world may look bad at times yet it is only to get you to be aware of your part in making it good and compassionate or not. One must tune into ones own depths to find a way to light up a new way to change what has happened to you or the stories that have been created. WE are one thing, us humans and this world.

What did 2017 teach you? What are you still struggling with? How are your relationships? Who is your ally now? Who have you lost or pushed away by being stubborn? What can you do to become more in your Spiritual authority while being grounded yet loving. How will you change how you relate to others and your history? 2018 is a master 11 year, challenging you to come into more personal mastery and also it is about your partnerships. It will show you who you are fully this year. Let it work for you by starting out by doing the right thing. Don’t know what that is ? Seek help inner and with the aid of healers and counselors. Also get outside and breathe the air and put your feet on the ground. Tune into nature when you can and whatever you do do not hide from this powerful time to become responsible and truthful and truly real. This is a time of compassion to all and for empathy to rise up so that we can assist in social and global change and shifts. Greed and a lack of empathy must subside and we all have a part in changing that. Karma will prevail and the Universe is working on things. Stay in quiet light and let God/Goddess work on us all.

Ok you must want to get it started so you should join me at either this event next Friday the 12th (weather depending if we get snow but we have a few reschedule dates . Pray for no storm that night) Join me and meet others who are open to a fun and informative group reading and spiritual talk. I will tell a few stories about my life and the life of a psychic and then I will conduct a gallery reading here is the link and description, there are plenty of seats, share and bring friends!

You can find the event here on my website.

You can find the event on my Facebook page here.

Also if you are wanting to learn how to fine tune your intuition and join others in the wonderful start of learning to assess and translate your psychic nudges and learn about Spirit Guides and meditation and perception and energy please come join my Psychic 101 class on January 27th from 10 – 2 pm . Price is 250.00 but there is a sliding scale so contact me directly about that. It is a fun and welcoming class. Super popular beginning of the series followed by 102 and mediumship. 101 is the prerequisite for that.

Sign up today on my website. Space is limited!

Sign up today on Facebook! Space is limited.

Ok my friends lets do this. As I begin a new year with a radically transformed life from the last years sweeping change , I am upgraded to assist you even better. I love my work and am humble and grateful for it. May we all be free from suffering.

I love you.

In light and service,


Top 15 Things Money Can’t Buy
Time. Happiness. Inner Peace. Integrity. Love. Character. Manners. Health. Respect. Morals. Trust. Patience. Class. Common sense. Dignity.”
― Roy T. Bennett.


Whoever is careless with the truth in small matters cannot be trusted with important matters”
― Albert Einstein


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