February Newsletter. LOVE and events listings

February Newsletter. LOVE and events listings

Hello Friends,

Its mid-winter here in the northern hemisphere and thoughts flow to spring in the future and love in the here and now. We are just a week away from the New Moon and a solar eclipse in the sign of Aquarius. Its a radical time of inner and outer revolution. If you really look into the meaning of R-evolution we look to the inner Self first and foremost for what we see in us the the change we need to make in our world outwardly. This falls just a few days after Valentines day. The Love you seek is seeking you in the form of your Spirit guiding you to understand that LOVE itself is the weapon of change you need. To have common bonds and use discourse of non judgment and intent of shifting from power struggles to letting go and handing it over. Not to the other but to the Universe’s plan of healing things. If you think you have the utmost control over things, think again. Eclipses are all about shifts and usually size able ones. Think cleaning the car for a trip and not knowing where and during the eclipses suddenly the persons and GPS for the trip suddenly show up for you. And after you are driving into the light of new thinking with the person(s) by you that will help you get there. Usually that “there” is no where but truly HERE. Inside a different newwer you. Ready to learn and heal,to grow and to seek. To mend and repair and to shift in your actions and reactions. This is the R-evolution and Love.  The words in there are LOVE – RE (do) – and Solution. Think about what you need/desire/wish for/ heed/act/react. Meditate on that .

Earlier this week I was guided to channel this on my Facebook and they ( the wonderful angelic guides ) have guided me to post it here too;  I have edited a bit as Spirit guided me too……

” As you gather your weeks to do lists and begin your day remember that you are being asked to grow . Others around you may not understand your growth or your intent on living more consciously and truly compassionate to yourself and others . They may not see your growth as good if they are not ready to let go of outworn thinking and attitudes . They may act unconsciously to send unloving , unsupportive energy. Remember that true growth spiritually is only as good as God is in the act of total release from egos idea of right or wrong and anything held in judgement or lack is opposed to our Divine right as particles of an all abundant Universe.

Love is understanding
Judgment and control are actions of ego and abuse.
Love is the way to Divine consciousness
Pettiness and projections are ego holding one back from True Grace .

Grace is understanding that we are here to find that Love in ourselves and others .

The only way to that is growth
Usually through deep hardship
Definitely through inner light

So ponder what will wash away from you as you begin this day so that your True Spirit shows you what Love really is and how to be abundant in the flow of such grace .

We have offered this to you to help you understand you are unlearning all that you have been told so be careful what media you watch your listen to and put your  hand on your heart and ask what is balance- what is Love- what is true- what is real- what is illusion-what is no longer love-what is no longer valid-what is LIGHT and GRACE and BLISS. ASK. LOOK. FEEL. and meditate daily .

“According to Vedanta, there are only two symptoms of enlightenment, just two indications that a transformation is taking place within you toward a higher consciousness. The first symptom is that you stop worrying. Things don’t bother you anymore. You become light-hearted and full of joy. The second symptom is that you encounter more and more meaningful coincidences in your life, more and more synchronicities. And this accelerates to the point where you actually experience the miraculous.
― Deepak ChopraSynchrodestiny:.

This…..is my life lately. In touch with it. After much pain. The darkness lifted and my eyes have been washed with more light. And thankfully I get to share it with you all, and for that I am humbled and truly grateful. So with that I announce here I have more events! And see below for 2 Valentine’s special 48 Hour coupon codes for readings! It’s how I tell you all how much I love you.

On MARCH 5th I am doing another Waking Life; Spiritual Stories and Group Reading! The January one I did was a success and now we are offering a new one at the Riverside Grill at the Riverside Golf club in Portland Maine. Click here for info and sign up.

On SATURDAY, MARCH 10th I am teaching Psychic 102, the follow up for the Psychic 101 classsign up and information is here.

And lastly clients new and old, you can receive a discount on 1 Hour or 1/2 Hour readings (see coupon codes below)! BUT ONLY FOR 48 HOURS – BOTH CODES WILL EXPIRE at 11:59 ON MONDAY THE 12TH! Get it while you can. Also remember; *** all readings are scheduled in accordance to Sarah’s schedule and availability you might have to wait a bit depending when you email her to schedule your session.

One hour reading is $200.00 (that is a $50.00 discount): just click here to purchase and simply use coupon code VALENTINESCOUPON1 at checkout.

Half hour reading is $125.00 (that is a $50.00 discount): just click here to purchase and simply use coupon code VALENTINESCOUPON1/2 at checkout.

OK my beloveds,

I leave you with this.

The love you are I AM. The love I AM is you. WE are ONE.

I love you, in Light,