March News; Spring Cleanups

March News; Spring Cleanups

Hello friends

It is March and only a few days away from the Vernal Equinox, so here in the Northern Hemisphere that means Spring! We are very much looking for a shift in the weather and an ending to the cold of winter. This week also bring us to another Mercury retrograde and the slowing of the planet of communication and technology. Remember that when it goes retrograde it is a great time to REDO things and get creative again. So it bodes well for reviewing and rewriting. Over the past few weeks we could feel a quickening of time and a surge of sensitivities of the body and heart. It may slow up a bit as we move to the end of the month. Plus we have a full moon in Libra on the 31st, partnerships and healing of that and clearing or manifesting around this subject seems to be on the docket for that moon. Keep grounded and spend time in meditation around the full moon. It is the day before Easter Sunday.

I am working on finding a new web developer that can help me help you! By that I mean I am working on teaching online and adding podcasts and other items to stream and to join in. Website 2.0 on its way.  I am being guided to share stories and to shift a bit to teach more but I will always do my sessions, just adding more in for you all to help you learn, shift, heal, and grow. To be alive on the planet right now means to pay very close attention to what we need to do to really radically shift our perspectives on things, ideas, people, relationships and relating and our connection to our Inner Light, the Divine. To find our path and calling. To help others.  It’s time to take a deeper look at that.

I was driving up the highway the other day and I was asking for a sign about something. I often am in constant communication with the loving unseen force of The Creator and my posse of angels and guides. We are a good team ; ) Well, as I asked for a sign I said I would like to see a huge eagle, a validation of sorts, I looked up and saw a huge bald eagle circling above right after my grateful request. To further help me they sent a car with the license plate “MOJO” right by my car. I often laugh at the magic and miracles that Spirit loves us to have but often people are too busy looking away or down to see what is right in front of them waiting for them to SEE. To heal anything, to discover anything we have to SEE it, even if it is not with our physical eyes. This and the theme of being alight and accepting of being vulnerable are themes that I have seen in readings all over the globe. The growth that can happen with the essence of being vulnerable has been huge. You see, bravery and self discovery and eventually rebirth comes with true openness. Noticing that is the key. Being aware. Being open. Being OK with the work…..its all there my loves.

OK! So upcoming I have another Waking Life event!! This is a very popular event with my spiritual stories and a group reading. I will send another newsletter out soon about that. It should be in early May. Also I will be doing the course of MEDIUMSHIP and that is the last in my 3 part series on psychic development. This class will be offered in April on Saturday April 28th from 10-2 PM.  Info on the class can be found here with sign up link.

Lastly my loves, I want to offer you a coupon code for the Spring Equinox so for only 48 hours you can purchase a Full Hour Reading for the price of $200.00 (that is a $50.00 discount) by using coupon code SPRINGCOUPONFULLHOUR at checkout and a Half Hour for $125.00 (that is a $50.00 discount) by using coupon code SPRINGCOUPONHALFHOUR at checkout. Get it while its hot as the coupon codes end at MIDNIGHT on the 22nd.


So my friends onward we move in the sea of humanity trying our best to get it all right. We can do it, I’m rooting for you all.

“There are things you can’t reach. But

You can reach out to them, and all day long.

The wind, the bird flying away. The idea of god.

And it can keep you busy as anything else, and happier.

I look; morning to night I am never done with looking.

Looking I mean not just standing around, but standing around

As though with your arms open.”

― Mary Oliver


I love you Humans