April News; Climbing Up and Out

April News; Climbing Up and Out

Hello My Friends,

Please stay tuned at the end of this newsletter for event listings and link to my last class in the series and a valuable coupon for discount on readings.

So I am not sure you all may be feeling it but this has been a bit of a challenging time as of late for many. There is much in the cosmic push and pull going on and it likely is affecting how you relate or are related to. Communications can or have been tricky with Mercury Retrograde meeting up with some hard angled Venus Pluto square. Basically just pushing us to find out how to take 5 before speaking and look within to navigate the gates of how and what we love or are called to. I always have a tough go of scheduling and email stuff when this happens, currently all hot mail emails are bounced back to me. What ever happened to the good old days when we just used a phone? Either way use this time to get into creative mindset if you can. And try to let negotiating be a part of how you set about with moving slowly in the direction you are seeking. If anyone knows how to navigate though the murky muck of dark and confusing days it is I. I have seen and understand why challenging things happen to us not only from the amount of clients I have read for globally in the 16 years I have been doing this but I have lived though the shadow times myself as well. To do your deep shadow work is a tough but necessary part of being human. We can not run from it and when we do Spirit usually makes us have more fear than not until we essentially befriend the event or situation that has brought us to the base of the internal mountain we must climb to find our light again.  To know your shadow and to understand THE shadow if not as bad as one would think. Its those who hide from the personal responsibility of facing it or the traumas it may have created in ones life that do harm to others. They live a life of hurting others for they hurt inside but run from the truth of it. This is how negative relationship patterns are formed and never healed. When I was a child I would stare at art work created by Hieronymus Bosch, horrifying displays of dark human behavior. Heaven and Hell concept art. My parents would allow me to peruse all sorts of art and ideas that had me questioning where goodness was ( conceptually ) and I am thankful I could freely question things as it has helped me understand as well as being wired with a huge framework of Spiritual sight, for it helps me help you.  To know ones self is to know others. Spirit shows me that now is a good time to get to to know the real you and the real deeper parts of self. I recommend meditation and exercise and creativity and prayer as a way to begin. That coupled with therapies and things of that nature help us be guided to away from shadow but to bless and integrator and HEAL the shadow side. To forgive, ultimately, which is the highest from of Love. Why not give it a try?

To begin the journey of climbing up the mountain of self discovery and  I am sure more insight will come on all sorts of issues and feelings and needs and desires.

Lord knows, I am here to help guide and to speak for the other side and for your angels and guides and also for the you you need to know, to bless, to find, to heal. It is an honor and a humble joy for me to do it.

That brings me to events!

So firstly there is a sign up here for my last class (temporarily) of this season MEDIUMSHIP.  I encourage those who either have taken my courses or are in the studying mode of heaven and spirit communication and understanding to join us for this class. 10-2 pm on April 28th at my office and sign up and info is here. Space is limited sign up soon.

Next we have ANOTHER WAKING LIFE SHOW! SIGN UP HERE for my Waking life; Spiritual Stories and group reading on May 11th at the Dunegrass Country Club in Old Orchard Beach, Maine. A fun night of lots of love, laughter, learning and healing. Bring family and friends it is a good way to get introduced to me and my work and sense of humor, and my type of readings.  May 11th 6-9 pm cocktail and happy hour in bar from 6-7 show starts at 7 pm.

Lastly but not lastly I am offering an APRIL COUPON CODE! Purchase a Full Hour Reading for $200.00 (a $50.00 discount) by using coupon code APRILFULLHOUR at checkout. Click here to purchase a Half Hour Reading for $125.00 (a $50.00 discount) – use coupon code APRILHALFHOUR at checkout. BUT GET IT FAST!  Deal ends Midnight Wednesday the 4th. Share with friends or get a gift for someone!

Alright then,

I am loving you all. I am praying for the whole wide world and for all the Grace I can muster to keep my light flowing for you to receive it for we all are one large mass of Light. Catch it!

Blessings from my heart to yours,


“Every pain, addiction, anguish, longing, depression, anger or fear
is an orphaned part of us
seeking joy,
some disowned shadow
wanting to return
to the light
and home
of ourselves.”
― Jacob Nordby

“We cultivate love when we allow our most vulnerable and powerful selves to be deeply seen and known, and when we honor the spiritual connection that grows from that offering with trust, respect, kindness and affection.

Love is not something we give or get; it is something that we nurture and grow, a connection that can only be cultivated between two people when it exists within each one of them – we can only love others as much as we love ourselves.

Shame, blame, disrespect, betrayal, and the withholding of affection damage the roots from which love grows. Love can only survive these injuries if they are acknowledged, healed and rare.”
― Brené Brown