End June / Begin July Notes from the Heart

End June / Begin July Notes from the Heart

Hello Friends

I hope this newsletter finds you and yours well. Stay tuned in this letter/blog for on the bottom will be a link for coupons for discounted readings for 48 hour Code and also notice of my move to a new office. Things are changing for Sarah and possibly each one who finds themselves reading this newsletter! As the humans shift so shifts the world and vice versa. This week we have a big Full Moon on the 28th in grounding Capricorn, helping us to get things done as things have been whirly swirly for the last week or so, and be careful of those huge emotions that may come up. Stay clear and heart centered. Now as we move into July we have 3 eclipses on the horizon and they are sure to bring about big shifts in energy within you and your world depending on what your heart is calling for and what your healing centers have put out as a clarion call.

Remember, energy goes where your attention flows and a full mind of fear and panic and rage will never effectively bring you to your heart desires but mostly just breed more and more fear, separation and chaos from your true source and your base light. Think very, very closely about that in the coming weeks. Do you have any practice in place to keep you focused on what you do have inside you for any peace? Meditation or spiritual community and communion? Have you given yourself time off lately? Visited the doctor? Read a good book? Stayed off the internet and news sources? Your light will flicker brightly calling to you like minded souls that want some peace among the chaos if you just choose to light your pilot light again with the aforementioned ideas for soul searching. It might be time for a big change indeed. What do you think or feel will shift for you in the coming month? Keep your focus on it being loving and peaceful and full of abundance as much as you can. If you get distracted it is the Universe calling you to attention to notice when and what pulls you away from that which is trying to serve your Highest Good. Think about when things go better for you or worse and try to trace where the feelings come from prior to things happening to you. Use your mind wisely.

If you are interested in learning about the mind and the intuitive body and practices that enhance your ability to manifest that which you desire and a deeper Spiritual practice to understand your path, do sign up for my Psychic 101. It fills up fast so sign up early and get excited! We have so much fun and this is my most popular course to date. Sign up here for September 8th. Its a life changer!!

Coupon time! Get a $50 discount on a One Hour reading by using coupon code JULYONE at checkout. Use coupon code JULYHALF at checkout for a $50 discount on a Half-Hour reading.  Get them now as this only lasts for 48 Hours from receipt of this letter! Summer is so busy so get them fast and forward to friends and family that are looking to book in. As always bookings pertain to Sarah’s schedule and availability.

Lastly I am moving office. After July 1 my office will be on Federal Street in Portland Maine and the directions will be sent in email format to those booking in person (not on Skype or Facetime.) and also be posted on the services and rates page soon. There is only street parking so make sure you make time to find a spot, but you will love my new office built specifically just for me!  Please make note of the change coming up !!

I am working on a new format and working on a new laptop so next newsletter will have more in the way of downloads and new events coming up. Stay tuned and get in for a session before I get too busy in the fall with travel 🙂

I am so grateful to be of service to teach you all about that you are LOVE and that you too can find why we are all called to find our purpose now. Each and everyone of you.

and I care deeply for you and all your process.

There is a light, find it.

with Grace,