Late August/Early September News; Align with Light

Late August/Early September News; Align with Light

Hello my friends

Writing a quick note of love and good energy and support to you all out there. I wanted to give you a link to a few things below and also just update you on the Spiritual energy that is happening during this intense and wild ride of the June/July/August months. Many of you may have noted that you are in a phase of possible epiphany and awareness that you may hove sought before or possibly felt but never attained. This is the result of the powerful season of 3 eclipses in a row and of RE months of 6 planets retrograde. Think back to what has shifted around you since May. I bet a few things you never thought were going to happen, have and if not you feel it looming soon. What many of you once were will no longer be in the sense of you SEEING  things much more clearly than a while ago. Synchonicities and deep emotional times have been at our doorstep. What have you done to shift your focus, your life, your plans, your relations? What has put you on the edge, where you stand now? Are you scared of falling or do you TRUST and have FAITH  that you will fly when you jump?

Its a matter of perspective on seeing what the potential of your own rebirthing or going down the gutter into the valley of fear to find you are alone there with no way out? Look to that and those that inspire you for courage and look deeply within for that faith. Create new pathways of delivering yourself LOVE so that you can hear and feel the correct steps for your life. As you can see in the news ( which by the way I tell everyone to NOT watch) life is a crapshow of shadow and fear. What will it take for us to see that we are all creating this by feeding the beasts mouth by giving it energy? Give the populous a break by walking away from strife and walking toward compassion and understanding. You can do that also while creating new boundaries and acceptance of who you really are, what you really are, what you really want, what you really wish to create and how you really wish to be loved.

I can’t say it enough. This is a wild ride time on Planet Earth and we need to be open to what we see in the eyes of all of us. So that we grow. We all need to grow up. No matter what your age. To spiritually ripen a bit so we are capable of greater feats and acts of love. Sometimes that also means totally letting go. If that is what is called for you to do, know you are  not alone.

I spoke with a client who made a choice to leave a long standing destructive relationship when her own intuition woke her to a very dark part of that persons being. The guides spoke to me and helped her understand what her own strengths were for being with that person for multiple decades, it had her too long in the shadow. There is never any judgment on people doing that from God. Our judges are inside of our own being. Work on knowing you are the light and you are a part of a Universe with many miracles and joys in it. Work on finding a relationship firstly with that HUM and that LIGHT without attachment and you will know how to live.

Do not be afaid

You are loved always

Work with others who can show you how to live more fully and you will prosper in ways you have not known yet. We must all do it together. Angels are working overtime right now. I see them everywhere  lately . Ask and request help and they come; in many ways and forms.

Well now to news; I am at my wonderful new office – directions will be posted on bookings page and also I can send when you book in. I said no coupons but Ive had a few requests and I love you all so below you will find a link to a 48 hour coupon code for both half hour or full hour readings (see below). I have a few spots open (just a few!) for my Psychic 101 class. Email me here to inquire on space and SIGN UP SOON! Its September 8th! Also if you did sign up please email me for details and further instructions to be sent your way.

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Remember getting in could take a bit as it pertains to sign ups and the schedule. Only 48 hours then it expires.

This autumn I will announce a series of large venue reading and discussions and ticket links will soon be in the newsletters for that. Its going to be great!

Remember this…


• Grapes must be
crushed to make wine

• Diamonds form
under pressure

• Olives are pressed to
release oil

• Seeds grow in

Whenever you feel crushed, under pressure, pressed, or in darkness, you’re in a powerful place of transformation/transmutation.”
― Lalah Delia

Love and gratitude and humble waves of light to you,