About Sarah

Sarah M. Winslow is a psychic, medium and spiritual counselor whose main purpose is to help people and be of service to the Light. Sarah uses this gift of clear sight and her ability to communicate with Spirit guides and loved ones just across the veil to help people find their way. It is with this ability that Sarah can help you to access the answers you are seeking about all life’s issues and clear out old behaviors, thought forms and patterns to help steer you on your Divine life path. She receives the information from your Highest Source, your Spirit guides, and loved ones who have parted. Sarah’s purpose is to help you develop your own tools and inner compass, and to help you make better choices in finding the best possible life of joy, love, abundance and purpose. She has been working with clients over the globe for  16 years, as a full time professional.

Sarah has been working and speaking with the Spirit world since she was a child. As with most psychics, there were many times when this gift was pushed away and not looked at so that she could just “be.” After a series of big life changes and pushes from the Spirit world, she realized this was her true life calling and she must go out and deliver it. She also says it is easy for her to be herself and do this. “My thought was for a long time, although my faith was never gone and always strong, that I couldn’t be “normal” and do this for work. Far from it!! I now get to use my Faith and my ability to ask questions, be funny and talk a lot to help people! I use love and humor to help me proceed in healing others. It is such a gift to just be myself and help people and teach about Love and Light. There is no finer moment than to be in a state of grace with a fellow human and use the intention of all this great information and vision to assist people in finding Joy, Truth, and Love. I am forever grateful for this.”

Sarah has studied metaphysics, art and creative writing for many years, and comes from a beautiful, creative, artistic and witty family, and all of these qualities come through in her sessions. Sarah is also an accomplished painter and sells her abstract paintings worldwide.

Sarah has been a professional psychic medium spiritual counselor for 16 years and has clients all across the globe and reads in a unique way that is different from many psychics. Each wonderful reader has their own style, and Sarah’s is with depth but also creative, innovative approach and deep humor and reverence.

*It should be noted that in a reading with Sarah, the information comes from your Highest Source and not all the information is what you might “expect” to hear. It comes with the intention that you need to hear this at this point in your life’s journey, and you should have an open mind and an open heart.