“I adore Sarah and have been getting readings from her for years.  She is a gifted psychic and a wonderful person with a great sense of humor. Whenever I’m not feeling my most positive, a reading from Sarah will recalibrate me and get me back on the right path, moving towards my dreams and desires for the future. Words are not enough to express the positive energy boost that my spirit gets after a reading with her. Thank you, Sarah.”

– Tracy

“Sarah is an unbelievably special soul. Her Spiritual counseling has been a gift beyond measure, and her heart is as good as gold. As I have navigated divorce after a 20-year marriage, falling in love again, moves, job changes, family deaths, and other life issues over the last 8 years, Sarah has channeled the Guidance that I have needed, and did so in a very loving way. Traditional counseling was not what I needed (and I should know since I was trained as an MSW clinical social worker). My need was for a deeper understanding and growth on a Spiritual level. Sarah has lovingly channeled that, and personally been incredibly supportive. Her ability to tune into a situation, sometimes even before I mention it, is amazing. And the insights and Guidance that she has been able to channel have made an unbelievable difference in my life. I am extremely grateful for Sarah and all that she has given to me.”

– Elise E.

A session with Sarah is truly therapy on speed! Just being with her, and soaking up all of her amazing energy is so worth a visit with Sarah!  My life has become more meaningful, and positive since I started seeing Sarah. Her psychic abilities are magical, and it’s not scary at all.  Through Sarah I’ve learned, and felt a much greater pull to happiness in the universe.  I cannot say enough wonderful things about Sarah!  Everyone will see what I mean when they go see her.

– Heather Zur

After getting to know Sarah and her family over the course of a year, I went to her for a reading because she came very highly recommended and I was curious as to what she might say. I really enjoyed my time with her. She was very insightful as to my family’s history and the atmosphere at my workplace as well as other aspects of my personal life. She advised me to not be afraid to walk more, which I had been holding back from due to health issues, and that turned out to be excellent advice. And the most interesting advice I came away with was to start writing. In the month since my reading with Sarah, I have started a personal blog and a professional blog, and am working on a travel blog. All have been very well received!

I plan to go back and see Sarah on a regular basis. She is a woman of wisdom with a wonderful gift.

– D.W., Portland, Maine

“Sarah brings a unique combination of authenticity and approachability to her incredible power of insight and intuition….she is more than a soul guide.. She is a spiritual leader, gently nudging from behind as she kindly channels powerful and timely messages from spirits-it is an honor to be in the presence of her gift-plus her readings are both metaphorical as well as at times specific. What is best about Sarah is her down to earth style-she is comfortable being who she is-a gifted person who is able to see life clearly on both this daily earthly plane and see and feel the energy of the universe moving us where we are to be….She has effectively channeled many messages that have allowed me to accept life on life’s terms and shine light in dark corners I was refusing to see.”

– C.G. Portland, Maine

“It isn’t often we find someone who is so spiritually and intuitively able to connect with you. Sarah seamlessly finds her way to the core of your soul, quickly, and with such clarity, joy and humor. The information she shares is so timely. After spending time with her, you leave feeling you are leaving a good friend who knows exactly who you are, where you are and what your next right step is. Sarah is a candle you want to pass on to others.”

– Susan Mullen

I have received private readings from Sarah Winslow for over ten years. She is a very gifted medium and conducts her work with integrity, humor, and grace. One of the things I love about Sarah is her ability to “walk both worlds.” While she is incredibly intuitive and spiritual, she is also grounded in everyday life experiences. When talking with Sarah, I always feel like I’m chatting with a dear friend. I highly recommend her services!

~ Nicole D., Hartford, CT

Sarah is the epitome of an earth angel who truly embodies what it means to live life through the eyes of unconditional love.  Her innate gift to convey spiritual wisdom/guidance from crossed loved ones and guides in a down-to-earth and relatable manner is indeed life-altering.  The work I have done with Sarah has enabled me to bust through long-standing blocks and has afforded me the ability to create the life I’ve always desired, but never thought possible.

– Wendy

Sarah, Thank you so much for always giving such honest wonderful peaceful readings from my husband. Sometimes it makes me cry sometimes it makes me laugh. But always it leaves me knowing he is still very much a part of my life and with me everyday. I have tried many mediums after he left and was so blessed after a friend gave me your name. I feel you just say the truth that comes to you and don’t change what others who have crossed over tell you. I understand every message that could only come from people who cross over. Your light has helped me carry on and move forward. You have been the biggest blessing in my life since his passing.

Love, peace and happiness to you always.

– Debbie Searcy

My experiences with Sarah have been nothing short of amazing. Her calming presence and amazing energy immediately puts you at ease. She is the first person I recommend to people if they have never “gone to anyone like that.”

She has a special gift that I feel everyone should experience. Whether in a group session, private reading or even one of her classes, she is sure to help you understand and see the light and love that we all have within us.

– Rhonda Williams – Portland, ME

Where to even begin on how seeing Sarah helped me. It started with the  passing of my dad 2 years ago this month. I was in a bad way, emotionally, physically and mentally. I was over come with grief. A friend said, go see Sarah Winslow, she is awesome! So I did. A bit out of my comfort zone, but I was despite. Sarah hit the nail on the head! I needed a last conversation with my dad, questions needed to be answered for me to move on. The information she gave me allowed me to miss my dad, grieve his loss without curling up in a ball and sobbing all the time, and my question was answered. A very specific question, not a general question. I did not ask the question first, Sarah gave me the answer before I could ask it. “Your dad is happy about the car, he is glad you sold it to your niece”. WHAT?! How would she know that unless my dad was present and communicating with her, RIGHT? That was only one example during my session, many were to follow, validating that Sarah is who she says she is.

This was my first brush with someone with Sarahs type of gift, to say the least it was eye opening. So now I was more open to other types of spiritual types healing, which I was still in need of.  At a friends suggestion (yeah for friends, right) I made an appointment for a Reiki session, this lead me to a wonderful group of people that are healers in one form or another. Can you say “life changing”. I am now a Reiki practitioner and have found my lot in life. To heal.

Thank you Sarah for opening that door for me, you are the best.

– Maggie B.

I had my first visit with Sarah at least 4 years ago. She gave me some insights at that time that I was not open to receiving and subsequently made some choices in my life that although difficult could have been redirected based on her advice. Although I have always considered myself to being a very open minded person, I was receiving the information but I wasn’t in a place where I could act on it. I should have.

So fast forward 4 years and I visited again and she helped me in a time of personal turmoil and transition to really transcend my old self and work on healing and helping myself. Although I have a lot more work to do I am in a much better place than I was 3 months ago.

– J.

Over 13 years ago, I sought Sarah’s divine wisdom as I navigated some challenging personal and professional times in my life. Since then, I have remained connected with Sarah because her insight has been ‘spot-on’ and she has helped me to grow and remain on my own spiritual and professional path. I have referred many of my own clients and friends to Sarah, and the feedback is always positive. Her messages are life-changing, deep, and personal, while being divinely delivered with love, light, and a little humor. Sarah can have you laughing and crying in the same session, and yet it is all good and all about loving and growing. You feel Sarah’s love for life in every word.

– Paul Knoll, M.A.

Sarah Winslow’s visual metaphors transcend  language. They connect  us with meaning for the mind, the spirit and emotion. Sarah helps us to connect our deepest intuition with meaningful action.

– Pat Brown

I had the pleasure to meet Sarah at a group reading several years ago. As I sat next to a woman who Sarah was speaking with, the woman was amazed at Sarah’s words. Especially the next day. What Sarah had told her no one could have ever known.

Always having a “fear” of the unknown and afraid of what I’d be told Sarah made those fears melt away. I made my first appointment with her and was Blown away. Her very first words to me after her prayer were “Who’s David”? Well…he was my husband. I was going through a very difficult time in my life and my marriage. Sarah’s words made sense and gave me validation of many things.

That was 4+ years ago. My life has taken many twists and turns but through Sarah’s messages she has given me strength, hope and incredible insight into who I am and where life’s path will lead me. She has also helped to “teach” me how to reach within myself and ask my guides for what it is I’m seeking in life.

I have probably referred over a dozen friends to see Sarah and they as well have been enlightened.

She is truly blessed with a very special gift and one that she freely shares wit us.

In one word…Sarah is simply and AMAZING woman…. well, Kind, Sweet and Beautiful as well : ))

– Elizabeth – Falmouth, ME

Angel Story

“It was mid October, 2005. Halloween was nearing, my friend’s birthday was coming right up and a group of us ladies decided to plan a unique party. We’d been talking about visiting a psychic to do a reading for some time now. This seemed like the perfect time of year, the inimitable birthday party, a great way to spend a ladies night out.

I made reservations for a Saturday night reading for four of us with a psychic whom none of us had ever met. We didn’t tell the birthday girl, Doreen, where we were headed. Upon arrival, the psychic led us into a small room at the back of the store where she worked with other people of similar abilities. We were all seated around a small table, giggling in anticipation of a fun filled adventure. None of were taking any of this seriously, after all, it was a Halloween/Birthday party for a group of middle aged women just out for a good time.

The psychic, Sarah, started in with a prayer, asking the guides and spirits to speak to us, keep us safe, and know that we would use any knowledge gained for good only. Sarah started right in talking about Doreen. We hadn’t told her which one of us was the birthday girl, but she knew. Sarah asked if anyone had recently lost a brother; none of us had. She pressed on, looking in Doreen’s direction.

“I’m getting a young man, someone in his early 30s who died a short time ago. If not a brother, then maybe that was a nick name?”

Read the rest of Angel Story here. – Brenda Bonyun

“My wife and I went to see Sarah with some questions, and left our first session with a sense of awe, empowerment, and direction. Sarah was reassuring, funny, direct – yet sensitive, and full of passion and love. A couple of weeks after that session, a very challenging legal and financial situation confronted us. We met with Sarah, who provided insight that helped us make a clear and sound decision. In retrospect, her advice was exactly “right-on”.

– Paul

“I am so thankful to have found a treasure like Sarah! People wish ‘love and light’ for each other all the time, Sarah is the love and the light, and her readings embody that with accuracy and sincerity”

– Mark

“The holidays were frantic, and the thing I wanted to do most was spend time with my girlfriends and those who are close to me, typically we meet for coffee, and have a quick swap of gifts, it was not meaningful enough, this year I thought, if what I really want is time with my friends then I need to create it, so I sent all my girlfriends a card, saying…no gifts this year, just your gift of time, I made a wonderful dinner at my home in January, called Sarah and asked if she would help with spiritual guidance, as it turned out it was the night of the full moon and we did a full moon release, all my girlfriends are still talking about that night, we really created memories and bonds, Sarah was incredible and subsequently many have had their own private readings…which reminds me to call Sarah today and set a time with her again!!!!!!!”

– Lucille

“After seeing Sarah, I was filled with joy and sense of connectedness to Spirit that was grounded and light at the same time. The things I learned were timely and practical and have helped me to shift easily from old patterns to new, more vibrant ones. It is pure joy to sit with her and allow my sense of reality be expanded so lovingly.”

– Lisa