Gallery Style – Audience Readings

Sarah also does Gallery Reading events, where a room of people get “read” at the same time.

If you are interested in this “event” type of service, there is the option of booking groups of 4 or more and do them in an audience style (gallery style) of setting either in your home or business (prices and times are depending) or you and your group can travel to Sarah’s home office in Freeport and do it here.

A gallery style session is a good lead way and introduction to a private session later and usually gives the client a taste of Sarah’s services and style of reading.

In sessions like this Sarah reads for the group as a whole, and does not fully guarantee each individual a hit but usually she always get things for each person in attendance, whether it is direct information or through all the guidance coming in all around the room.

The information comes through Sarah to you about the things that you have questions for and brings in advice from our loved ones and people who have passed on. The reading in this style is fun, entertaining, enlightening and also a wonderful way for people to open up and bond.

If you are interested in individual sessions, you can always book with Sarah in her regular office hours and friends often ride together to come and have either a half hour each or an hour each.(Please go to Services and Rates and FAQ page for questions on mini groups or duo readings)

The price for group readings is $100.00 for an hour / hour and 15 mins. (Prices subject to change)

Sarah is now booking large venues of auditorium, stage readings and has been reading for large functions of 50 + groups. Large group readings are booked either privately or through corporate functions or through artist venues. Pricing will vary depending on location and venue.

For feedback go to the Testimonials page or Contact Sarah directly with questions on large audience readings.