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December News Classes, Awakening, a light within

December News Classes, Awakening, a light within

Happy December Friends

If you are receiving this letter you know it is the tail end of November and we are soon onto the last month of 2018, Sagittarius season and the wild and busy holiday season. Stay tuned at the bottom of this letter and you will find a link for DISCOUNTED holiday Gift certificates, announcements for new classes in the new year and one last push for my event on Saturday the 1st. Welcoming the shift in a loving and fun way.

Mercury is still retrograde and moves forward on the 6th right before the new moon in Sagittarius, while we still have Sagittarius sun and Jupiter in the sign as well. To put it lightly that is a whole lot of Jupiter expanding and growing the hope and faith of justice and vision and mystical big energy. Its a shoot for the stars, baby, kind of season. Its a good time to begin those goals that you want to see bloom in the coming year and use your vision wisely to create and create big, big dreams. The coming year will Light up the pathway to show us how to deal with the murky waters we may see that slow down our conscious awakening. What I mean by that is, put a light on your ways of doing and close the doorway to the fears that 2018 may have brought up to you and your world so that SOLUTIONS AND UNDERSTANDINGS can be brought forth. There is not coming into a shift without the  shakeup of the fear and dust of outworn times and relationships. There will be no seeing what and where the LOVE is without its opposite being illuminated. Remember that it is whatever wolf you wish to feed but you know there is better; You must believe in better always for light and regrowth can happen even after fire, rain, destruction. A cell is once a thought and anything can be manifest that is why the Universe is kindly asking us humans…..how do you want to do this? With corruption and cowardice or the vulnerable and brave act of standing in light and detachment from drama and also martyrdom. What we need to do is find that balance of compassion and empathy for our world while we strive to find happiness and fulfillment in new relationships, work, and service. To do that you must know yourself before you can know others, otherwise everything is projection and mirrored fear reflection. That stuff slows your awakening- Awakening is only within first and then outward like a cell of a plant, curled up and dormant in its seed before it grows to a flower, tree, vegetable or the like. Stars are born everyday and die everyday but nothing is ended or dead. All is rebirth and awakening. As are you. As are we being asked to do together.

I had a client message me to help her find her lost keys yesterday. I told her I saw a south facing wall, shoes or boots and the key was probably there, more like garage or basement area.  She had been looking for it for 2 months! Several hours later she messaged me that she had found the key in a box of shoes , near a south facing wall in the basement. 🙂 ! I was telling my son the story and he and I had a great talk about how I could see that. I explained to him that everything and all is always already there. The future, our thoughts, the past, our feelings, like moving parts to stories and history and that is how I could see the keys falling into the area of the shoes, even though it was a long bit ago. I explained to him that is why I help people learn about the unseen, the feelings never spoken of, the other areas of our brilliant universe, for it always is there.

My point to you, dear reader, is that the solution to what you see as wrong, painful, scary, daunting, unsolvable, exists somewhere inside your consciousness, OUR consciousness so looking within in quiet reflection helps it all. So does being brave to seek help and speak truth for always there is a solution. ALWAYS; for our Creator derives its constant Love from aiding, giving, healing, helping your soul grow and grow more. With LOVE and from LOVE. Fear is not love, it is shadow. So be brave and stop seeing nothing but pain and pain will begin to dissipate and power of goodness will shine more brightly.

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Lastly, my event “THIS ROUGH MAGIC” is this Saturday and you can still purchase tickets here for that. Happy hour at 6 PM. Event begins at 7 pm, get there early!

OH that was mouthful. But its my birthday season and I have so much in store for the new year for you all that is new so I am so excited I could burst. I really could, and little shards of light would rain down like confetti! Its going to get big and full of LOVE.

I love you all with the faith in the new world beginning in JOY,

Blessed Holidays to you all,

in Grace,