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The For Your Heart Poem is from Sarah’s book A Vibrant Light. It is printed on high quality poster paper and ready for framing.


Poster size is 12″H x 18″W.

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All thoughts are prayers, as are all spoken words with intent for harm or good

Some of us walk about our lives never fully knowing that our words both spoken, or inwardly centered have done more damage than good at bringing about our outward experience in the world. Ever try to change a constant thought pattern of self loathing to one of self love? It’s not as easy as one might think for the ego self would love for us to be in a spiral of neglect and un-forgetfulness from our own Divine good.

This is why it takes time to reword or rework our mind and thoughts to a more spiritually productive one again. Mantras and prayers are a good way to do that.

Everything begins with one simple step, I often ask my clients if they can stand one minute staring at themselves in the mirror asking the simple question , “Am I truly happy and at Peace.“ Or to say to that image “I love you”. If ever there was a moment of unease it is when we are faced with using words in the reflection of how we see ourselves. It makes us feel new, naked and uncomfortable.

Why it’s our birth all over again! Makes you feel like crying and needing nurturance, doesn’t it?

That is what these are for. We thrive on ritual and prayer, Thousands of centuries our ancestors have relied on ritual, and prayer to bring about clarity out of darkness, light in times of pain and fear and movement to the seasons and to life. This is a more modern and intellectual (meaning of the mind) way of moving that energy to a place that we can see it for ourselves and begin to attain the wishes and healing that we are desiring for ourselves or others.

Following the section on Mantras there are a few ideas for rituals for spiritual clarity or movement that I have found to be helpful for clients who are going through a crises or personal traumas.

Please enjoy and use with only love and the intent on healing and joy for not only you but all of those who love you and will come to love you, for now and centuries more.

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