Psychic 101


Next Event: Saturday, January 12th, 2019 – 10 –2 PM Portland, ME 

In the popular Psychic 101 Sarah leads you on a journey to understand energy and how it is conducted in our bodies and minds, how to mediate to communicate with Higher Spirit Guides and how to intuit and properly translate intuition. It is a very fun class with games and experiential sharing with your classmates. It is a good prerequisite for learning about chakras and intuition and self-exploration into a deeper connection with your own Higher Self and your guidance. This class is a prerequisite for the 102 class, but also it wonderful on its own with no need to go further than you desire. Price for this class is $250.00 per person and is held from 10 – 2 PM that day and will include a reading opportunity for yourself as well. Highly life changing and fun join Sarah for an opening opportunity to Higher spiritual awakening.

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Come join what is a VERY popular and fun and enlightening class that Sarah has been teaching for 16 years! This in person event is powerful, life shifting, energizing and so Spiritually helpful. In this class we learn about personal and auric energy and we learn to meditate to access our guides and do games and experiments and learn about psychic protection and also how to translate ego versus Higher Guidance information and intuition. Questions? Email Sarah

Price is $250.00 for the class and she will provide information and snacks and a whole lot of love and fun.  Get in now for size will be limited. Sign up by adding to cart and checking out.


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