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April News; Surfing the Wave of Change

April News; Surfing the Wave of Change

Hello All,

April is here and with it brighter warmer days here in the Northern Hemisphere. Hooray for that! We have weathered some storms this winter and now come more, both in the natural world and in our world. I feel like I am on a turntable spinning the same message over and over to so many people in so many walks of life. The message is that we are and have been being asked to not do things in ways that we used to do them. To face our futures and work through our pasts in a brand new way. By that I mean and am being told to mention that we WILL do things differently and some of us won’t even know that it is happening until we are head high in it. “Let your honestly shine, shine, shine like it does on me ” is the line from a song that I just heard (Simon and Garfunkel) what a great message to hear as I write this. We are facing changes and with honesty and unravelings that maybe we didn’t even know we were going to do and some time we will see the changes as they come . If you wish for it to be good and productive, then be in peace and be in trust and get as zen as you can as we brace for cosmic weather and emotional weather that will help facilitate the loosening of the grip of negative things in our lives. That includes relationships, jobs, attitudes and way of life. If you have been waffling about things, this month will be the oil to the rusty hinge of your choices. Remember this, what you resist persists so if you resist the messages that are coming in well, Spirit will keep reminding you, and often in odd ways, that the time is coming and that the time is NOW. You will know.

One of the reasons I do this work is that I was (add a verb to this) asked, led to, told, guided to, pulled into, etc. this kind of odd job that is the most normal of all the jobs I have ever had. Meaning all the other jobs I had, waitress, manager, cook etc, etc were never my true path. I never felt that I was doing anything I was supposed to until I began this work. All my psychic sensitivities and my ability to spot a lie, or a truth ( even to my own self) from miles away, my vision of past, present and future and my empathy and my acute ache for the plight of humanity, the natural world and animals came rushing in on me my whole life making life difficult for me, but when I followed my truth to use my gifts as a service to all and to keep walking forward in the Light of God and the Spirit of oneness all my life improved. Vastly. That is putting it lightly. We are all here to serve in some way and we all need to find it, even if it is something we do not all the time but some of the time. The nature of my readings are opening up more and we are all changing and rearranging and we must be ok with it. It is a good thing. Social and political and environmental changes NEED to happen for us to see what needs to be fixed. Best to not tap into the unconscious, detrimental falsities that we are fed on the TV or the internet.(That have to do with fear mongering or creating impossible ideas of perfection.)  It has a purpose, but you better have a big sifter in your mind to shake out the rubbish that is put there to keep us mindlessly distracted from our own truth, our miracles and our own healing abilities. Take the good and compost the crap. Demand greater. Expect greater. Carve out time for better. Pray for help, intend for openness and awareness. Ask for real healing.

The time has come for many to do the work and fear will have no place. Be gentle but knowing. Help will come where it is supposed to come from. I am planning on some travel to do readings and events in the near future, New York city will be  a stop, May is a possibility, just trying to find the right dates and I will let you all know via this forum about when that happens. And on Facebook and Twitter. I have to force myself to do that stuff sometimes but that comes as a part of the work, all that internet chatting so that you all know where and how to navigate the waters that we are surfing through. Instead of me telling you about the planets I will link an article by a lovely astrologist that explains more about that planets. Read it here. Watch and see how things are surprising many about companies, shifting the things you are hearing about, it’s already happening. Remember this that any thing thought of as a fight must be seen as a “disagreement” or learning process and that sometimes putting your arms up in the “I am walking away from giving negative energy its power” is the best route right now. Lean into the winds of movement and see where you feel like it is healthy to land even if that is just about your outlook or emotions. Manifesting and karmas are becoming instant.  Nothing is lost in the eyes of Spirit, even if it means your purpose or your truth. We are surfing this energy together, lets make it as good as a beach day with friends to share a meal in the sun with.


Helping All with the Knowing that All is One, humbly with Grace and Gratitude,



“All that we are is the result of what we have thought. The mind is everything. What we think we become.”- Buddha


March News; Feeling Our Way Forward

March News; Feeling Our Way Forward

Hello Friends In the midst of emails, daily schedules and the like, I was guided to stop what I was doing and get to this month’s newsletter… Finally I sit by a window looking out at the bright late winter sun and I gather the guidance that travels through the mind waves to give toContinue Reading

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