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December News; Now and Future

December News; Now and Future

Hello friends,

The end of 2016 and not a moment too soon for so many people. What a trans-formative and trying year for many. A giant growth spurt. We are here none the less, feeling our feelings, working on our inner and outer lives in ways we never thought were possible or we were capable of. Yet we are capable of it and of the power we have in healing all this polarization and dissolution we see laying here in our wake. Right now there is so much planetary energy healing our ways that we relate. To ourselves and others and how we distinguish what is old and no longer holding value and what we can do to complexly transform ourselves to become the finer and truer Higher version of ourselves and our relationships and connections. To become not merely OK but Great. That is why the nation is where it is. This has to be done. The healing HAS to take place. We MUST do the work. And we must be willing. Open. Vulnerable. Cracked wide open. WIDE open. Don’t be afraid of what can come of this time as you will see that you have wanted and needed your Higher self to gently purge the outworn you and give birth to this new you for a long time. We as human beings can not exist in a frame of hate or hurt. Nothing good comes from being in that state so once you see that you need to transform, dive full head in and swim around naked in the Light of your Higher self reminding you of the old crap and how it never did serve you or those you love. Love doesn’t work like that. Love IS. Love is not without or withholding. It surges up from the well spring of eternal Source right when we need it. It shows the way, grab it when you find it and ask it what you need it to do to HEAL what is wrong. With you. With your relationships. Your relationship to everything. Continue Reading

November News; Now we are here

November News; Now we are here

Hello Friends So, I know that I have not written in a long time here. I post on Facebook here and there but I have been so busy and things are in such transition that Spirit has not moved me to write you all and on this blog until today. As you know we are… Continue Reading