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December News; Wrapping up the Year

December News; Wrapping up the Year

Hello my Friends

We’ve come to the end of another year and are in the dance, here in the North East, with the dark days before the return to the light on the solstice. I have my extra lights twinkling and lovely candles around to remind me of the light that is always within our grasp, even in times of darkness. We must remember that always, and twinkle lights are a good reminder. What a year it has been! I have seen so many of you in my office and over the phone lines to speak to you of the changes that we have grappled with and the losses and the gains and the opening of insight in waves and cycles. We have seen much in the way of world news that we see as opposition and oppression to human rights and injustices. Subjects on what is not working to heal those we love, physically or mentally. We are working on what we are, us fragile, awakening and frightened souls. Perhaps the questions still are in front of us but we have more answers to why things are the way they are and how they got there. Personal, collective, and ancestral clearing happening left and right. We may not know how to work in the new ideas all the time but underneath the chaos there are solutions and outcomes just like the light is present somewhere, even in the dark.Continue Reading

November News; Thankfully Flowing Forward

November News; Thankfully Flowing Forward

Hello Friends, It’s November already, how did that happen? Where does the time go? Time it seems, is speeding up. The days here in New England are getting shorter and the daytime light is brief now. I often say that this is my most creative time, the time prior to the Winter’s solstice as it…

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