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May News; Content in Others Chaos and Coupon!

May News; Content in Others Chaos and Coupon!

Hello Friends,

It’s May already. Where has the time gone? Well, time is really and illusion so if you are feeling it speed up and slow down in ways that are making you feel strange and existential, don’t feel crazy. We are in a cycle of transformation and awakening that will make some people act either super ungrounded and spacey or volatile and chaotic, angry or defensive. This is an energetic mind and heart swiffering. If you react to others in rage and accusations without taking the time to give yourself and the other breathe and come to the table of your talking with peace, and pacing your words with as much compassion for yourself and them, you will find it will not help you at all right now. For we are working on an “invisible” program to alter how we relate and converse both inwardly and outwardly. Going the old route of barking at others to find a way to justify your own self loathing and your own fear and pain will only bring about pain to you and to the other. It can be in work, family, or love. That does not mean we can not be firm and grounded it is just that there is a wave of energy out there available to us (5th dimensional frequency) that can now assist us in learning to relate and speak with LOVE in all our endeavors. But you must adhere to it. ADD/HEAR to it. Continue Reading