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September News; Unveil, Unravel, Understanding

September News; Unveil, Unravel, Understanding

Hello My Friends,

I’m sitting in a cozy chair looking out at a clear September sky and being humbled and awestruck at the beauty. Here in the Northeast this time of year is and can be so stunning, and as we welcome in what seems to be the bittersweet coming of the cold, it is a precious and vibrant time full of hues of gold and light casting shadows from the long deep summer. These are the things we face that we cannot change, the seasons. Life has an echo that feels the same as this. This week is the last of summer before the Autumnal Equinox and at the same time the planet Pluto goes direct after being retrograde. This means that we will probably be faced with a bit of vulnerability as we prepare to move forward out of old models of functioning. As we head into fall we are headed to Eclipse time and so too will some things that we have been wanting to let go, they will be “eclipsed” from our lives during or around this time.

Everyone knows that things must rearrange themselves at times, to help us reorganize our ways of being. Businesses know this if they want to keep up. New ways of commerce show up. Yet we are part of the machine, us humans. We need to remember that it is our emotional intelligence that can also drive the rearranging and our societal structures too. To do so we would have to become a more sensitized, heart based collective so that we both feel for others, but also for the collective. This is why we are seeing so much anger around those who are not heard or seen. The part of us in the collective underdog, so to speak. The part of us that feels alone as well. We all can feel so alone in a world full of ways to distract us from that very feeling. But if we don’t “go there” and find what we can find in ourselves how can we know how to help the other, the under seen, the under loved, the under valued. We are not so different and we must unravel the very structure of our ways to develop new coordinates in the maps of our lives. To find new roads to travel in our minds and hearts. So that the outcome will be happier work, more productive creativity, more open communicative relationships, more trust in the energy of Us. I have had so many people plop down in my office, even if their intention and most of the reading was a mediumship reading, and it turns to them really needing to change their lives, all around. It is as if each of them comes in and just feels like “something is going to need to change but I don’t know where or how”. And then some know exactly but are too fearful to look at what they need to do. No worries, for things will rearrange sometimes and you might not even see it happening…or coming. We are little birds. We are just truly getting our wings for the Aquarian age. We are phoenixes, we can and will rise up. Love is and will always be the only method you need as you go forward. True, deep, real Love.

The need for your self worth is vital. Love for self, not Selfie love, but a peaceful kind and honest love that looks and does not judge your darknesses or your failings but integrates and heals what you feel is not right in you. Once you do that work all the things I said above will be easier for you to see.

If you want to see some change then you will be asked to make it happen.

Simple. And you will call those to you that understand that need, and then your outer life will match that call for new structure.

I am working on restructuring and its kind of funny, I say that a lot. That might show my lovely loyal readers and clients how big it is to move a mountain in front of you. But I truly am a believer in Divine timing and in one being ready for things when one has seen and done the work. Maybe just going to the mountain top and looking at the lay of the land. That is what I have been doing. It’s taken some muscle to get up that mountain but what I see there is what I will share with you all when I am ready. And it is worth it. And you are worth it. Understanding is the key word. I will write more this month as I am trying to get more to you, for the months as we move forward will need Guidance and clarity for us all .

Until then, humble, grateful and ever full of Grace ,


“When we love, we always strive to become better than we are. When we strive to become better than we are, everything around us becomes better too.”
― Paulo Coelho