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May News; Finding the Balance

May News; Finding the Balance

Hello Friends

Greetings on the New Moon in Taurus and the beginning of another Mercury retrograde (in the sign of Gemini). Today is certainly going to give us the feels in one way or another. We can always rely on the cosmos to give us the reasons and the psychic back up we may need to begin things or end things or question things or intuit things. I mean if we relied only on logic and physical planning we would be in a jam, and it HAS brought us into a jam in the world that is why opening up to “cosmic” energy is helpful. Calling it “woo woo” or phenomena is not doing it the justice of just calling it as it is, energy. We are a cellular mass of consciousness and electric impulses as are the planets and the one that your body is on right now pulling its energy from the moon and sun and its axis and poles.

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April News; Uplifted in the Tempests of Life

April News; Uplifted in the Tempests of Life

Hello Friends, It has been a busy month in the office. The energy of Aries is all around us, a blast of energy after the long, long winter. The emails are pouring in with all sorts of clients with all sorts of questions for their Higher Guidance. Our plans are shifting right now. Our goals…