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July News; Enter in the Newness, a Brave Breath

July News; Enter in the Newness, a Brave Breath

Hello My Friends,

I’m hoping that the energies of the end of spring and the beginning days of the summer (or winter if you live in the Southern Hemisphere) were the beginningĀ of something or moving away from things that seemed chaotic. Some of that energy was due to so many planets being retrograde but now we are moving a bit away from that, in preparation of the new energies coming in later summer. So much energy out there right now, the sensitive ones feel it acutely. Even those who are skeptical or closed feel it but know not what this is all about, they call it extra stress. It feels like that but it is for the sole purpose of waking us up out of what no longer serves us to a new awakening, however that shows up in each of us is variable. I have meditated long and deeply about the newness that is at our doorsteps, collectively and individually. I keep advising clients to get into their hearts no matter what. Be brave about being in that space where venerability meets the intuitive core of our being and things are grown into new foundations that are beautiful and freeing. I have been guided in my own work which I have been doing for many years now and need to add new elements to teach and reach out my arms to hug the world with light and knowledge of what I have seen and how I can help even further. With that I am announcing I am working on a Webinar series of classes and subjects of a Spiritual and intuitive nature. How to live intuitively in a chaotic world, signs and symbols, mindfulness and things of that nature. Its going to be online and in smaller to larger price points and many people will find they can gain a lot of knowledge this way. Intuitive University OnlineĀ© so to speak. I’m taking a bit of time with my family and will get back in the office and be offering this forum later this summer, look to my newsletter, Twitter and Facebook for the dates of release.Continue Reading

June News; Be Here Now

June News; Be Here Now

Hello Friends, Its the busy month of June and a lovely one at that here in Maine. I am so busy working on projects and wrapping up the end of the school year that I don’t have much time to post a long newsletter but I wanted to send out a bit of info onContinue Reading