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January 2015 News; The Dawn of Awakening

January 2015 News; The Dawn of Awakening

Hello My Friends,

It has been a journey to sit down here and write you all at this juncture of a new year. First things first, I wanted to let you know I am moving my webinar series(dates yet to be announced) that I had created that was to begin today. I will let you know when I am able to put the time on the schedule. This brings me to my blog post here.

I know many of you felt the beginning of the new year, a feeling that all was not as it was. More than a normal new year. We have the cosmic upheaval of November and December to thank for that. It rolled out the things that we needed to come up to be seen so that the beginning of this new year would be new, different and exactly, oddly, terrifically, or horribly cleansing. It’s all peace in the eye of the Creator, that is important to remember as we are more in touch with that force than we used to be.Continue Reading

December News; Wrapping up the Year

December News; Wrapping up the Year

Hello my Friends We’ve come to the end of another year and are in the dance, here in the North East, with the dark days before the return to the light on the solstice. I have my extra lights twinkling and lovely candles around to remind me of the light that is always within our…