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Imagine…thoughts on the times

Imagine…thoughts on the times

Hello Friends,

This post is an extra to my blog that I felt guided to write and send out to you. I, like anyone else, was shaken to the core with the events not only of Friday, November 13th in Paris but also of the energies surrounding it. As well as empathetic aching for Mexico, Japan, Beirut and all the areas that suffered a huge exodus of human souls on that day. How we handle such sorrow and tremblings and the times that follow are of what the Angelic realms wish to relay to you.

For as long as I can remember I was fascinated with angels. More specifically, wings and light. Even as a child I drew wings all the time, and pictures of rays of light. As my soul and body grew I began what came to be a deep and inner conversation with that Light and those beings of Light. They are around us and help us in ways that many of us are blind to as we move through life listening mostly to what the world tells us to be and do and believe in. Continue Reading

November News; Deep within Us

November News; Deep within Us

Hello Friends, We are in the deep Scorpio month. With the light fading early here in the North East and the winter months whispering at the doorstep we take the time to go within and process the things we have been learning over the past few months (or years!). We see that we have some…Continue Reading