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April News. Keep Moving Up Hill

April News. Keep Moving Up Hill

Hi My Friends,

April is here with its blustery winds and sweeping Aries fueled movement. This is the month that I feel we could see results come in from something that came about in the fall, and have not seen until now. Watch with eyes that have been polished. As things hype up in the world, we are asked to tune in and turn down the noise. How else can we even see the horizon with all that fog? We are asked to not lie to ourselves or our truths. Even as community. Even as individuals. You will see that things hidden from us or that we hide from ourselves will not stand to be unseen. Even if it’s just something that one has to mull over in your hands, turning stones. A time will come that the truth of things must be seen, shown and activated and given Light. To out a lamp on anything gives us time to illuminate ideas on how to either activate it or let it go. Continue Reading

Note from Spirit

Note from Spirit

Hi Friends, This is a very quick hello from me and from Spirit that I was guided to send along your way to Light up your Pilot light! I hope that it helps the right information and energy light up your runway so that the help/information/inspiration can land inside you at just…the …right …time! YOU!… Continue Reading