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Late July News / August; Its Big time Stuff

Late July News / August; Its Big time Stuff

Hello My Friends,

I am writing to you a few days from a full moon eclipse in the sign of Aquarius on the 27th. That being said, this time has been a doozy for a bit now as we moved though this month and as one planet went direct (Jupiter after being retrograde for a while) we now still have Mercury, Mars, and Saturn with Uranus following suit. What does all this mumbo jumbo mean? This is how I explain it. Energy Gone Wild. So that you know how a regular full moon effects us, it is quadrupled in that our bodies, energy bodies, and mental lives are in flux and transition and being positioned by Spirit to shift or be shifted. Eclipses do just that, as they move energy to change things. I am sure that even if you don’t fully understand this, you over the last few days or weeks and into the coming month, know of people and have had WEIRD and interesting and great and confusing and trying things happen. This purpose is to get you to the places, jobs, events, relationships that are of your life path and of your souls journey here on earth. To put it simply, to GROW. Come hell or high water we are being asked to grow. To check or use anger constructively, to let the past go, to find meaning and purpose, to move away from what is not right for us, to find what is….and so on and so on.  And it is necessary to shift to understand what this time is about. Great news can come as well during this time or after, and the work one does on SELF is worth its weight in gold. For many years to come so by all means meditate and get that frame of quiet down as the storms brew around you. Do not tie into the panic you may be feeling or seeing for that is constructive to teach you about value and love. To lead to the opposite of chaos which is peace.  God takes no care in how It teaches you so in some it comes in great discomfort.  Yet this discomfort is necessary to find your inner strength that lies in the new you trying to be born. The Real YOU. The real US, for remember we are really all connected.  We are stardust, made up of memory from previous incarnations as our souls wish to learn and improve upon our time here and in the Great Beyond. This time is necessary,very necessary. On the planet, in your world. We are in it to win it, us bumbling, lost, immensely beautiful humans.

“How can we help you? ” asks our spirit guides and angels.

” We are here , call us if you need us” they say.

Ask for guidance. Ask for answers. Ask for directions. Ask for what you need. Your free will allows for you to go and be what you wish, and the Divine knows all the twists and turns in your life path. So let go and dive into the mystery of the growth you are in, my beloveds. Maybe this is exactly what you need and hold in your deepest heart. The One that knows the Oneness of Spirit and its incredibly unfathomable love and timeless, vast and omniscient presence and abundance.

That is what is making all this wild cocktail we can sip from, and toast to the ride we all ride together. Contagiousness…..magic.

I am in it too, Realizing that I have peace and vast self love after heartbreak and divorce. Realizing that  I am radically grateful for the dark night of soul that brought me to this place I reside, in the house of my heart and my purpose here. Being there for you all is a blessing I have not a word for except; Hallelujah! Heal and be healed my loves. Its time to heal our old pain bodies, the emotional trauma that loss, rage, fear, abandonment, and cruelty has left on us. In this lifetime or others. For me also it is an office move and new art moement and a side project that is proving to be very fun and rewarding for me. When Spirit told me to move office I knew I had to; see I take that intuitive nudges and kicks in the keester very seriously for I know it is supposed to happen. So I have a new office and I will post directions on the website and I am working on a new media platform – YouTube channel that is upcoming with a fellow medium and friend that will have lots of radically fun ways about learning about Spirit.  It will be so much fun so look for that!

If you are interested in joining my incredibly fun and life shifting class (the first of 3 classes) of Psychic 101 you can read about it and sign up here; It is September 8th 10 -2 pm in Portland and is $250.00. It is a powerful and powerful foray into understanding energy and intuition.

I normally do a monthly coupon and that time is coming to a close for a bit. I will do one more this month in honor of the eclipse but just note that it may not run again for a bit. Time is of the essence. For 48 hours you can purchase a one hour session for $200.00 (that is a $50.00 discount) by using coupon code ECLIPSEONEHOUR at checkout or a half hour for $125.00 (a $50.00 discount) using coupon code ECLIPSEHALFHOUR at checkout. Only good for 48 hours from receipt of this newsletter.

“Courage is the most important of all the virtues because without courage, you can’t practice any other virtue consistently.”
― Maya Angelou.

“I realized it for the first time in my life: there is nothing but mystery in the world, how it hides behind the fabric of our poor, browbeat days, shining brightly, and we don’t even know it.”
― Sue Monk Kidd.

May you know your worth, May you be guided, May you be loved, May you understand the path,

Love you all with all of my heart,