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As with the life Sarah lives and her psychic, healing related services, this website is intended to provide you with information in an understandable fashion. You are encouraged to visit the different pages so that you may learn more about Sarah’s work with the Light and Spirit, and how she can help you in your Journey.

There are exciting developments in all of our lives going on right now and there is so much information to be learned. It is Sarah’s joyful life mission to help you learn more, ask more, be more and create a life of fun, of joy, and some surprises, miracles and awakening along the way.

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May we ALL be united in Love and Compassion to our true identity of Oneness.

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Mid October news; Event with Sarah, Coupon, Love

Mid October news; Event with Sarah, Coupon, Love

Hello My friends

Writing a quick update for you all, announcing an upcoming event (and offering a  discounted coupon for 48 hours; see below) and touching on methods to help you maneuver the current days as we move out of Jupiter in Scorpio and prepare for the wonderful time of expansion and justice and enthusiasm as Jupiter prepares to move into Sagittarius in early November. In the meantime we are dealing with Venus retrograde though the rest of the month as issues of love and self love, community love and romantic love are tied up in our consciousness, asking us to re-frame our life and connection. We seek to understand what brings us to trauma and expectation, what brings us to disconnect from things or take us deeper into the truth of our blessed vulnerable hearts. Only though the big questions do we see what is required of us to move into right relationship or inter connection to a greater way of living and loving. Meditate my beloveds! Get back in touch with something greater than the grand illusion of distrust that tempts your fears to go to the darker side of things. For there is no love there, not inner, nor outer. Its duck and cover time or dive in an experience a greater rush of truth and value.


Find healing. Go to healings! Help yourself and help others. Take chances of more loving proportions. It will be worth the effort. I am booking in person, phone, Skype, Facetime and email readings. One on one, or mini groups. I am in process of updating my YouTube with donation button for more content and monthly or weekly channels and also working on projects the first of which is below and you can now buy your tickets to come to this wonderful night of healing.


An evening with Sarah Winslow

Psychic Medium and Spiritual Counselor

Come join in a magical and fun, powerful night of connection and love, with internationally known Psychic Medium and Spiritual counselor Sarah Winslow as she speaks of the journey of life, tells stories and makes you laugh about daily magic, life trials, angels and synchronistic events and how to make it in a crazy world.

Followed by a group reading for people in the audience, whom may need a reading*

Come and be open to having a fun, wild, joy filled ride of healing and love from Sarah and  your loved ones from across the veil, Spirit and the Universe.

December 1st from 6:00—9:00 PM.

@The Dunegrass Golf club
65 Wild Woods Way
Old Orchard Beach Maine

Come at 6:00 PM- & 7:00 PM for a happy hour in the bar at The Fairways Restaurant and take your Seat by 7:00 PM for the show and group reading.

Tickets available here for purchase $49.00 Per seat.

Bar and food are separate and cash or card at the Fairways


*as always in a large group setting not all the ticket holders will get a reading, as Spirit chooses the way and where of the energy and Sarah has no control over this. Come anyway and hold an intent and the event will open your eyes the healing power of love and togetherness of Spirit holding space for all the ticket holders awakening and healing and love.


ALSO!! For 48 hours only I am offering a $25.00 discount on Full Hour and Half Hour Readings if purchased with the below coupon codes (that means that a full hour is $225.00 instead of $250.00 and half hour is $150.00 instead of $175.00)

FULLHOUR25OFF – click here to purchase

HALFHOUR25OFF – click here to purchase



Remember that I am here to guide your way and love you without condition on this wild ride we call life

In humble Grace and love,