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There are exciting developments in all of our lives going on right now and there is so much information to be learned. It is Sarah’s joyful life mission to help you learn more, ask more, be more and create a life of fun, of joy, and some surprises, miracles and awakening along the way.

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May we ALL be united in Love and Compassion to our true identity of Oneness.

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Late April early May News; Spring Surge

Late April early May News; Spring Surge

Painting: “Going Into the Wave” © 2018 Sarah Winslow

Hello Friends

Welcome to the new subscribers here! Lots of new people here doing what we are guided to do and find resources to heal and awaken spiritually and utilize all the tools that we can to thrive and grow. Please stay tuned and click on the links below for your chance to meet me at events or take a class or get a discounted reading.

This later part of the month as we move into Taurus and Saturn and Pluto prepare to go retrograde, we will see much around personal and global authority and karma. Time to clean up or as I say, Spirit does much of that work by itself, your job is to merely get rid of the old dusty ways of thinking and doing so as understand where your desires and thoughts align with those of the Creator holding its plan in place for you to catch up to it.  We can’t achieve things by merely praying for it,nor can we believe we only have to put our nose to the grindstone of life. I always tell clients that tell me of certain specific  plans that they have, “they are not the boss of God” for Spirit often will shift things (the planet Uranus does that for us too which is happening now in the  skies) for us against our will, and bring catalysts into our lives when we are avoiding the growth or a shift. It will whooooosh something in, say an injury, or a teacher, or a job change when it is the silent prayer of the Divine itself that is in the drivers seat of your life vehicle. I’m sure you can all relate to a story you have like that. Mine happened late 2016 and though 2017.  My whole life shifted from a family of 5 and 2 dogs( and married) to where I am now living( divorced) with one son living with me and the second dog, my beloved pup had to be put down after a brief but tough illness. Spirit has shown me in this time the Grace of my own heart and the power of my thoughts and the innate ability I have to see Love in all the dark recess of life. It has shown me that I am to be by own captain whomever wishes to travel my path with me in love or life,  I am standing in the Light of Spirit as a sovereign and graceful human . it has cleared out old voices in my head and heart and the catalysts that  the vacuum of Spirit has cleaned out in my own life.It  had to happen for me to find out who exactly I was. Even more now I know I am a refection of nothing more than Spirit.  Through the sweeping winds of grief and stamina I have come to understand what love and forgiveness are made up of within the core of us and how to help others find that as well. To assist in my assisting others . Those Angels must like my job title and wanted me to keep doing it but as a newer version of that. That is why I am teaching more and doing events more . The outreach is larger. I trust in my assignment and how I am to go forward in life. I am grateful and humble and surrounded with wonderful people. I am truly blessed. I want to help others find the key to that. And to paint more and sell my art to the world!

Looking for a reading but needing a discount right now?

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Also I have an event in May on the 11th at The Dunegrass in Old Orchard Beach, Maine. It a night of humor and Spiritual stories as well as a group reading session. Click here for details and sign up.

lastly there are a few spots left for the class MEDIUMSHIP  and you can find all the info and sign up here for that . Its next Saturday the 28th at the office in Portland from 10-2 pm. $250.00 a deep and powerful class about Spirit and the other side.

Im trying to find a technical web person to help me out with online issues and web classes so let me know if you know the right true fit.

I want to be able to to reach you all ! Because I love you.

To the Light of a brand new day


The moment you doubt whether you can fly, you cease for ever to be able to do it.”
― J.M. Barrie,


Painting: “Going Into the Wave” © 2018 Sarah Winslow