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Sarah Winslow is an internationally known psychic-medium, spiritual counselor, teacher and author.

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There are exciting developments in all of our lives going on right now and there is so much information to be learned. It is Sarah’s joyful life mission to help you learn more, ask more, be more and create a life of fun, of joy, and some surprises, miracles and awakening along the way.

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January End/February Begin; Spiritual Love, Coupon!

January End/February Begin; Spiritual Love, Coupon!

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Hello All

I hope your January is flowing well after the wild blood moon and eclipse of the 21st. I am sure it helped some of you move through the depths of things or began the catalyst that needed to happen to propel you forward to new life and the life your soul is or has signed up for. Remember that I often say the Universe knows us better than we know ourselves so the journey to healing sometimes brings big bumps and emotional bruises that we have to endure. The purpose of this is to rid your life of possible roadblocks that are not letting you understand a few things; What LOVE truly is, both inward and outward and what our path might be if we took a new road to better or more spiritually “right” kind of jobs, places, relationships, or family lessons. To trust your own deepest heart where your intuition lies and your soul seeded path would be the advice of Spirit. To try to mentally rescue things that are either not working or needing to be released will not help your soul become attuned to the true atonement of a greater sense of joy or understanding. As in;” what is the true purpose of my path here on earth?” Atonement= At-ONE-Ment. At one with the right path, with soul purpose, with love, with Spirit Itself. With LOVE. In a month with a big commercialized holiday celebrating love, we must ask ourselves if we know what REAL LOVE FEELS LIKE. It is more connected through not what looks right but what feels like it has Gods signature and stamp on it. A pull that transcends understanding at times. This is the love of Spirit inside if you that when you find it for yourself, is shows you that YOU are the love and the path way to all that you have or with to  have in the future. It is always inside of you.

I have seen many people shifting recently and noticing signs that are leading them into deeper connections with either new partners or with themselves or their purpose. Relationships are the icing of a good life but finding your own truth is the base of that good life. What people try to do is mold things that might not be serving them at all under the guise that it is; Yet Spirit shows us the vibration of following our deepest heart, the one that lives under all the debris of so much hurt and trauma that we can access once we let go of what is deemed part of our lesson and we follow that pulse to new. I have had many clients noticing number sequences signaling from our angels and guides that change is on the horizon and if your ears are ringing, well you must trust and follow that urge that your soul is nudging you.  Massive shifts are coming in for many of you humans and much of it is Spirit guided so trust the flow and the shifts and be brave to find a way to speak your truth to yourself first, outwardly second. I am seeing much in the alignment of beginnings/endings/radical new belief systems/study/ and dream awakenings. Pay attention to those dreams at night, and by all means take care of YOU. That is a perfect valentines day gift to yourself. You hold the key.

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Remember this as you move along the pathway of life;

“Life shrinks or expands in proportion to one’s courage.”― Anais Nin

and this;

“With everything that has happened to you, you can feel sorry for yourself or treat what has happened as a gift. Everything is either an opportunity to grow or an obstacle to keep you from growing. You get to choose.”  Wayne Dyer


I am loving you and I am here to assist you,

God bless,