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November News; Darkness, Light, and Events!

November News; Darkness, Light, and Events!

Hello Friends,

Writing you from Maine, where I luckily did not lose power but most of Maine had severe damage to trees and homes and power loss due to a storm last Sunday night. My sons school still has no power and he is on his third day of no school. The storm symbolically put folks in the dark. Mother nature reminds us that we have little power as she does and Father Spirit shows us that we all are connected in our times of darkness and compassion as we all come together in events like this, as we see in Puerto Rico, etc. We are not separate. The Universe will continue to remind us of this Truth over and over again. Right now the sun is in Scorpio, and Jupiter is in Scorpio and the full moon is Friday the 3rd in the earthy sign of Taurus. We are pulling up our Scorpionic issues (ruled by Pluto) and detoxing. The full moon will ground the energy of us following though. Listening to our base needs. Listening to our responsibilities and letting go of the past.

A rush of energy is hitting the planet that feels much like a river. It will effect many of us on different levels and in different ways. It depends on your vibration and the work you are doing or going to do. It will flow into your life with a sweeping, deep whispering to you of Truth and life path and of letting you know what is important. And what is Love. Any thing that is not that, will crumble and go to the earth to be reborn. Like compost. It will be reborn and you will feel reborn. Even if much does not change too much in your life, YOU will feel different. Ultimately for your good. It may take work. It will take Higher Consciousness and healing work. Reach out for that help. But do so only with the highest helpers. The ones that have the Light. The light is helping those who are on their knees saying “show me the way”. Thy will be done, Spirit.  Timing will differ due to birth chants and astrology. Trust in Spirit to heal you and to lead you and trust in the Light to light up the way. Do good, be good, be kind, be the Light and it will help you. Your life is yours to heal and to mend. Your soul is inside you and is craving enlightenment. Meditation, exercise and faith. These are all important. Continue Reading

October News; Rise, Rise with the Sun

October News; Rise, Rise with the Sun

Hello Friends, It is now past the equinox and with all the hugely intense storms we have experienced we have been battered down, some of you must be feeling really just, exhausted. Like swimming up stream for a long, long time. This is the energetic effect of all the planetary shifts that have been reaching… Continue Reading