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There are exciting developments in all of our lives going on right now and there is so much information to be learned. It is Sarah’s joyful life mission to help you learn more, ask more, be more and create a life of fun, of joy, and some surprises, miracles and awakening along the way.

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May your journey be blessed and joyful.
May we ALL be united in Love and Compassion to our true identity of Oneness.

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Mid May Newsletter; Readings, Future Classes and YOU

Mid May Newsletter; Readings, Future Classes and YOU

Artwork: 40″ x 60″ acrylic on canvas “Waiting for the Perseids” 2016 (c) ❤ Sarah Winslow


Hello Friends,

I hope this letter finds you well and in comfort of Springs beauty. (in the Northern Hemisphere) May is kicking into full gear energetically. We just passed the new moon and the powerful planet of Uranus (disruption, innovation, upheaval and shifts) into Taurus where it will reside making shifts in commerce and value of Venus related issues and lots of other things.  What do you value and how will you bring about necessary shifts in your consciousness to change it? For me it means redoing this here website and all of how I run this business of mine. Funny to call channeling a business but none the less it is my career so it is calling me to outreach much farther than ever before. They need the healers, the Guides tell us. WE are all awakening into the Age of Aquarius, and things must shift and that means how you perceive, receive, believe, achieve and breathe. Nothing is what is was and if it is the same, Spirit will help shift it. Learning how to rely in your inner compass is imperative at this time in our human evolution. Now more than ever those of us who have had the call since birth will be asked to help those others understand purpose, action, reaction,cause and effect and mind body spirit medicine. Your thoughts create your reality and we always are afraid we will fail and not be happy therefore many of us manifest what we don’t want rather than what we do. To be in your sovereign search for meaning while remaining loving to the collective of all is helpful. One hand on the earth , the other reaching to Spirit. ” help me o Great Universe , understand what is my calling, where is my voice, who are my people, where I need to be and how I can see” is your mantra for the rest of the month of May. Its like this “Education is what remains after one has forgotten what one has learned in school.” Einstein.

We are being asked to see things differently. Can you do it? Can you feel things shifting ? Do you have the tools? WE need both new boundaries yet zero blame and anger. You cant manifest what you want that is good in victim energy or anger. ENERGY GOES WHERE ATTENTION FLOWS. Remember this always. So this brings me to this; Dare. Dare to do the things you need to. To let go. To flow into the rivers of love and prosperity. Open your mind to what that means to you.

I can help. I am still in the office doing sessions of readings, mediumship and psychic and also past life meditation if needed to heal and let go. I also am teaching classes starting early fall and I am putting it up here now so you have time to sign up as its so popular it fills up quickly. I will begin with my Psychic 101  – description, date, and sign up are here. I am offering a smaller group intimate gallery at my office soon on the 30th of May (sizing is limited in this gallery talk so sign up asap!) you will find sign up here. Pricing is 75.00 per person.  I am looking for a new venue for my large new performance piece that is being written by myself and my guides that will be so entertaining and enlightening you will just poop with excitement. So stay tuned on my website and social media about that!!!!

I took a vow many moons ago by the light of the night sky when I was a child and told that I would help people and I m keeping my word. I always do. And like all humans when I falter I rise up and keep doing the best I can be to be the best I can be, I am humbled by this and if you need me. You let me know.

Today I bless you and I’ll see you soon.

I love you


PS! If you are interesting in seeing my art follow me on Instagram @sarahmeisle.art. All of my paintings are for sale!!

May News; Shift into Gear

May News; Shift into Gear

“Direct Line of Communication”  48″ x 48″  (C)  Sarah Winslow Hello Friends Stay tuned for news below on event changes and an opportunity for a coupon as well. Welcome to all the new subscribers here! I love to see you jump on board the group so we can ride the wave of Spirit together. This month… Continue Reading